Does Mavericks have a chance against fighters?

On May 15, 2022, at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona, the second round of the Western Conference NBA Playoff halfway through the game, Luke Donsick # 77 of the Dallas Mavericks responded to his bench.
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The Dallas Mavericks have grown in front of everyone’s eyes over the past few weeks.

Entering the NBA playoffs, some thought they would lose in the first round to the Utah Jazz, a team that seemed to have more firepower than them.

But Dallas took care of them in six games.

Undoubtedly, in the next round they did not have a real shot against the Phoenix Sons, the defending conference champions who won the NBA-High 64 games.

But after trailing 3-2 in the series, the Mavericks won the final two games with a total of 60 points, including their Game 7 Tornado, where they were more than 40 points ahead at one point.

Now, Luka Donsick and company will fight the Golden State Warriors for a place in the 2022 NBA Finals.

Warriors are different animals than the Sun, as their original Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson and Drymond Green each have three championship rings.

The Mavericks are considered a banned underdog, but then again, weren’t they a banned underdog against Phoenix?

Could they possibly pull another upset?

Dallas has been on a wave for a while

Under new head coach Jason Kidd, who himself helped the team win the only title in 2011, the Mavs were 16-18 just before the start of the new year and looked mediocre.

But after that, they took off, and defense was a big factor.

Dallas was sixth in defensive ratings and second on allowed points in the regular season, and although it was at the bottom of the league in points and at the end of the line, it was able to win many games by holding on to its opponents.

Against the Phoenix, the Mavs turn the tide by finding lineups that make its parts more neutral than the sum of the offenses.

In each of their wins against Chris Paul’s squad in the Western Conference semifinals, the Mavericks held Sun to 101 points or less, and in Game 7 they held 27 points in the first half.

Most of the time, an NBA team will reach 27 points with several minutes left in the first quarter of a competition.

Then there’s Donsick, who continues to rise as one of the biggest superstars in the NBA.

By itself, he matched Phoenix’s output with 27 points in the first half of Game 7 and finished with a 30-minute 12-of-19 shooting and a 6-of-11 shooting from a 3-point range with 35 points.

The Mavs will have the best players on both teams in the upcoming series.

Golden State is no day at the beach

But the Warriors will present more challenges than the Sun, who at least seem a bit overrated at first glance.

Curry’s greatest shooter of all time, and his ability to move without the ball requires special attention from Dallas.

Thompson is slowly regaining his notch, while newcomers Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins have proved worthy of stardom and inclusion in the dynastic culture of the Warriors.

To take Mavd’s shots, Donsick not only has to be in another world every night, but his teammates have to play the best game of their lives.

Jalen Brunson can’t stand bad games in this series, like the 3-of-12 clinker he kept in Game 2 vs. Phoenix.

But if he goes 11-for-19 for 24 points and performs as well as 7-for-24, he will at least use his strength to protect Carrie while giving Dallas enough offense to keep up with the Warriors. Some time

Also, Dorian Finney-Smith, Maxi Kleber, Spencer Dinuidi and Reggie Bullock will have to light-out from downtown, as they often do against Phoenix.

It would also be of great benefit to Dallas if it revealed Curry’s size and lack of defense, just as it did with Paul.

In general, the Warriors overall look a bit better than the Mavs.

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