Does another home rate mean the end of the season for Newcastle?

The Newcastle Knights, in front of their home trustees, were run out with the goal of winning a back-to-back game against a red-hot Brisbane Broncos.

With a 6-0 lead in the first nine minutes, Newcastle seemed ready to flee the match. However, the halftime score line is 6-7, with some of Brisbane’s own bomb attempts. Dan Gagai was denied an attempt but what I don’t understand is that if last week Zameen Isaaco made an attempt in exactly the same way, so did Gagai.

Brisbane scored in the first attempt of the second half and took a 14-6 lead from the penalty spot 56 minutes later. Callen Ponga’s great effort brought Newcastle back to the game at 18-12 with 18. However, in the final 15, Newcastle gave Brisbane 22 unanswered points in a 36-12 win.

Brisbane’s two attempts were embarrassing. Phoenix Crossland could easily have picked up the ball or pushed it out but Corey Oates stole it and scored and Anthony Milford threw an intercept to end the game.

One attempt that annoyed my mind was that of Selwin Kobo after the obvious hurdle. After that attempt, Newcastle gave up and let Brisbane riot. I’m not blaming the ref or the bunker. We blew our chances, we lost the game and we gave up. This is not a team with a winning attitude.

Here is an example of a winning attitude. You are a professional boxer and challenger in the 12-round championship fight. After eight rounds the champion knocked you out four times and you came back. You just knocked him out once. Then you go to Round 9, obviously you are letting the championship slip.

Halfway through the round 9, you take charge and bring speed, you nail the champion and you floor him a second time. Unable to recover the champion and you won the title. You did it because you never gave up. This is a winning attitude. The three TKO rules are for regional only, not professional.

Calen Ponga has shown leadership in most of the games. However, the real goal as a leader is to teach others to be leaders, not followers.

Strictly speaking, I don’t think Newcastle will be able to recover from this and reach the final. I want to be wrong and it breaks my heart to say that but now we have to focus not only on getting better, but also on building a winning attitude in our team.

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