Dodgers reminded The Diamondbacks who run the NL West

Justin Turner # 10 of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the fourth inning on May 18, 2022 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo by Ronald Martinez / Getty Images)

The 2022 Los Angeles Dodgers, much like the most recent versions of this franchise, is a high-end team.

The Arizona Diamondbacks were terrible in 2021, but they started 2022 by playing .500 balls when they met the Dodgers for a series starting Monday.

After the series ended on Wednesday, the D-Backs returned to a sub-500 squad: they had a clear reminder about who would lead the NL West Division.

“The Dodgers won, 5-3. They won 25-12. They played four games in 42 hours against the Diamondbacks and won all of them. Walker Bueller went 5 IPs and allowed two runs. Tomorrow is a holiday, ā€¯Athletics Fabian Ardaya tweeted.

This version of the Diamondbacks looks more competitive than last year, but firstly, it’s not a high bar to clear, and secondly, the Dodgers are still much better, perhaps the best baseball team with the New York Yankees.

Dodgers are great for diamondbacks

The talent gap between Arizona and Los Angeles is huge, and it became clear after the four-game series sweep.

Now, the D-Backs boast an 18-21 record, the worst in the division.

The Dodgers, on the other hand, have been able to overcome some of the key shortcomings of staying on top.

Their 25-12 record is the best in the National League and the second best behind the Yankees.

They are, as an organization, a level above all others.

The San Diego Padres and the San Francisco Giants will be a threat all season, but Los Angeles is good and deep enough to rise to the top when everything is said and done.

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