Doc River shares took a misleading 76 76 during the season

James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers speaks to head coach Doc Rivers against the Miami Heat in the first half of Game Five of the Eastern Conference semifinals at the FTX Arena on May 10, 2022 in Miami, Florida, Florida.
(Photo by Michael Reeves / Getty Images)

The Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers looked a bit experimental after his team was eliminated from the playoffs on Thursday night.

The guy can’t be blamed for being a little upset, losing in the semifinals must be stung.

Yet, it does not really explain why he made the statement that does not seem to be based on reality.

Rivers erupted on Thursday night over a question from Howard Eskin, saying:

“I worked hard to get us here. No one picked us up anywhere when I first came here. I know what I’ve done this year and I feel good about it. “

The river should be proud of its hard work regardless of its eradication.

But what was he talking about when he said that “no one” chose to be “anywhere”?

Doc news?

The reality is so A lot People expected to be 76ers Somewhere At the moment.

Even before James Harden traded in February, NBA fans and analysts thought Philly had everything he needed to get to the playoffs and possibly reach the final.

Joel MBD has been playing better than ever throughout the season.

Meanwhile, Tyrese Maxey step by step.

In addition, rosters have been created with the threat of role-playing to support them.

Of course, once Harden joins, their chances are even higher.

Rivers has been with the team for two seasons now and was brought in properly because the 76ers were a strong team on the verge of true greatness.

People have been expecting a lot from this group for many years so it is wrong to say that no one expected them to get this far.

Rivers Wrong: For some time expectations were high and the 76ers were low again

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