Dealing with the heat of the PJ money injury

Grant Williams of the Boston Celtics fought for a # 17 rebound in the Miami Heat PJ Tucker # 17 in a game at the 2022 NBA Playoff Eastern Conference Final on May 17, 2022 at the FTX Arena in Miami, Florida.
(Photo by Michael Reeves / Getty Images)

Miami did not expect to lose the hit on Thursday night.

Although they knew they were likely to be beaten by the Boston Celtics in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Final, they did not expect to be overwhelmed.

Sure, that’s what happened and the Celtics finished the main game with a 127-102 win.

It was a bad night for the hits – in the process they could have lost a star player so it got worse.

Forward PJ Tucker underwent an MRI on his left knee on Friday after an injury while playing.

Sources are telling Chris Haynes that Tucker was injured early in the first quarter of Thursday’s matchup.

Anyone who has been paying close attention to the heat this season knows that losing money can have a huge impact on a team’s chances of success.

A defensive mind

Money is not known for his crazy point stats – he averaged just 7.6 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 2.1 assists in a game.

Instead, he is known as a defensive asset for the team.

Defense is very important for heat, especially at this moment.

Celtics are apparently able to score from almost anywhere on the floor.

This means that Miami needs multiple ways to stop them.

Boston is becoming more dangerous as Al Harford and Marcus Smart return to rotation after a brief absence.

Without money, heat would have to find new ways to limit the power of the Celtics.

Tucker played Thursday night through injuries but he wasn’t his usual self and shot 2-of-6 in just 21 minutes on the floor.

Ideally, he would be able to return to Game 3.

Otherwise, the heat defense can be seriously injured.

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