Cubs are played as expected at this point

David Ross, manager of the Chicago Cubs, walks off the field after a win over Pittsburgh Pirates at Wrigley Field on May 17, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.
(Photo by Justin Casterline / Getty Images)

For fans of those loving losers known as the Chicago Cubs, they are watching the team play as expected.

They have not been the same since winning the World Series.

They have become a team that cannot play pitch or small ball when needed.

The team has also traded talented players like Anthony Rizo.

Now in 2022, they are flirting with NL Central’s last place.

After their strong start, they are disappointing their fans with bad play and terrible decisions.

With their loss, it shows that the cubs are playing exactly as most people expect.

However, if they do not lose, they will not lose.

Content with profitable loss of ownership

Whenever the trade deadline expires, Chicago shuts down their best talent without saying a word.

However, fans will see proprietary transactions for a bag of peanuts instead of sending all-star players.

While fans aren’t happy with Thomas Ricketts, he doesn’t seem to care as the quality of the cubs is constantly declining.

There are already rumors of a trade involving Wilson Contraras with the cubs.

Instead of dealing with struggling players to help build the team, they will instead bid farewell to Contraras.

Ownership is willing to do something like this, indicating that they are satisfied with the loss.

However, the fans are not satisfied with it.

They want a championship team, something they rarely see with kids in Chicago.

But they will not get it until they change.

Ownership clubs and fans must put them first to bring in a winning team.

However, they did not show enough interest to do so.

David Ross needs to take command and stop making bad decisions

Fans also complained about the push of David Ross and his game in the 2022 season.

They think the only way to improve the team is if he is fired.

When fans lose confidence in the manager, problems arise.

Ross can change things when he shoots, there is always the possibility that nothing will change with his shooting.

The team needs a leader who puts in the right players.

However, Ross did not.

He pulls a batter with a load base on behalf of a struggling batter.

Fans doubt Ross and his abilities because of such moves.

But he can change things if he stops trying to be friends with the players and starts to be a leader.

If he continues to be a friend instead of a leader, the cubs will continue their downward trend.

What is the answer to firing juice?

Fans are calling for him to be fired and one can see why he managed some games, why it is best to fire him.

However, this is not the real problem here.

Ownership will only hire another broker to continue the lost ways in Chicago.

What the Cubs need is David Ross with a spine that demands more from his players.

They need a manager who can call them and help them improve.

If he makes these changes, he could be doing these things for the cub.

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