Congratulations to German neuroscientists on Liverpool’s FA Cup win over Chelsea.

Jurgen Klopp paid tribute to the neuroscientists after Liverpool’s victory in another penalty shoot-out to lift the FA Cup.

Liverpool beat Chelsea 6-5 on penalties at Wembley on Saturday, the second time this season the Blues have lost in a Cup final shoot-out.

The Reds also beat Chelsea 11-10 in the Carabao Cup final in February, with Liverpool goalkeeper Kawimhin Kelehar rifling the spot-kick to win a stunning set of penalties.

Costas Simikas has slotted the sudden-death winner this time around as he completes the Liverpool top title set under Klopp.

And the German manager of the Reds has paid tribute to football neuroscientist Neuro11 as the secret weapon behind his team’s penalty intelligence.

“In the end, we all know that a penalty shoot-out is a lottery, that’s how it is; But we did it again, “said Klopp.

“We work together with the Neuro11 company, four people from Germany

“They contacted us a few years ago. They are neuroscientists and they say ‘we can train in penalty shooting’.

“We said, really? It sounds interesting, come on. And so this trophy is like the Carabao Cup for them. ”

Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp celebrates with the FA Cup during the FA Cup final match between Chelsea and Liverpool on May 14, 2022 at Wembley Stadium in London, England.  (Photo by Michael Reagan - via FA / The FA Getty Images)

Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp celebrates with the FA Cup during the FA Cup final match between Chelsea and Liverpool on May 14, 2022 at Wembley Stadium in London, England. (Photo by Michael Reagan – via FA / The FA Getty Images)

A 6-5 win over Chelsea on penalties in Saturday’s final marks Liverpool’s first FA Cup win since 2006 and their four-time trophy – instead of probability – has been the subject of controversy.

Similar to the League Cup final in February, the FA Cup showpiece ended 0-0 in 120 minutes, with Liverpool winning again, 6-5 in a penalty shootout.

This time, Chelsea’s midfielder Mason Mount saved a penalty to help the Reds before winning the shootout with the first goal for the Costas Simicas club.

“Small gaps make a difference again and I can’t be too proud of my boys,” said Klopp, who has imitated Manchester United’s Alex Ferguson as the second manager to win the European Cup, Premier League, League Cup and FA Cup. The same English club.

Liverpool are hoping to win the Champions League final again against Real Madrid in two weeks.

Before that, Klopp should expect Manchester City to slip into the last two rounds of the Premier League and Liverpool to take advantage of that trophy.

Liverpool goalkeeping hero Alison Baker said: “It’s part of the ‘monsters of the mind’, going overtime and maintaining a high level, performing well.

“It gives us more confidence to continue playing in the Premier League and Champions League finals.”

There was more pain at Wembley for Chelsea. The club’s ownership volatility is coming to an end as they become the first team to lose three consecutive FA Cup finals.

The final of the oldest competition in world football, Wembley, has never been penalized before. After the start of the game at the National Stadium in 1923, there was no goalless final after extra time.

But Liverpool’s last FA Cup success in 2006 was in one of the previous two shootouts that led to the Cup final, both of which took place in Cardiff when Wembley was being rebuilt.

Saturday’s final ended after half of the stadium was covered in red smoke when Liverpool fans mocked the national anthem and the identity of Prince William.

After the 150th anniversary of the FA Cup, the 141st final was as exciting as the League Cup final.

Wembley had 58 shots produced by the teams in 2022 without finding the net in their two games.

It didn’t help that Liverpool’s star striker Mohamed Salah had to replace Diego Jotta with a groin injury after 33 minutes.

Chelsea saw a shaky start in the second half with Marcos Alonso shooting wide and sending a free kick into the crossbar.

But Liverpool’s late flick of effort failed to stop the game from going into extra time, with Diaz’s post hitting from a solid angle and Andy Robertson from close range.

And only for the second time – since Arsenal’s 2005 meeting with Manchester United in Cardiff – an FA Cup final ended 0-0 after extra time.

Senegal team-mate Mendi saved his kick, but Sadio missed the chance to win, and captain Cesar Azpilicueta was on his way to Liverpool after missing a Chelsea’s second penalty.

Mount failed and Simikas made his biggest moment since joining Liverpool in 2020 as Liverpool claimed their eighth FA Cup.


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