Colin Copernicus deserves a tryout, not a roster spot

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Colin Kepernick worked for the Las Vegas Raiders earlier this week. Good for him. Although six years late, he probably owed a lot.

However, being eligible for a tryout does not mean that he is eligible for a roster spot in an NFL team.

Let’s not forget that from 2012 to 2014, Kepernik did watch TV. He had a big, strong, wire frame [and still is] Unique for an NFL quarterback. His blazing speed was incomparable; It was hard to catch him even for the defensive back. Just ask Packers. They will have some Stories To say. He was never a true traveler; His highest completion percentage for a full season in 2014 was 60.5% [1].

No matter how erratic his fastball was on Sunday, he was a mesmerizing watch for this few seasons at the height of Jim Harbaugh’s 49th glory. However, once Harbag was sacked after 8-8 seasons in 2014, the Kepernick train began to fall off the tracks.

He suffered multiple injuries in 2015 and never regained his form, so in the middle of the campaign he was replaced by Blaine Gabbert (Blaine Gabbert?). [2]. The following season, after three surgeries in the offseason, Copernicus lost to Gabert for a starting role in Week 1. [3]. Although he started 11 of the Niners’ 16 games, things didn’t go very well. His QB rating of 90.7 was the second highest of his career (full season), but San Francisco hit a 2-14 record in a season that would end in the Bay Area. [1] [4].

Aside from the actual football, we all know what happened in 2016: the police shots, the knees, the controversy. We can debate all day whether it is football or politics that has kept Copernicus out of the league for the last six years. But we need to ask about Colin Kepernik’s status as an NFL quarterback Today If his level of play earns a coveted place in the 2022 NFL roster.

April 2, 2022; Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; Colin Kepernick. Compulsory Credit: Rick Osentowski – USA Today Sports.

Let’s start with numbers; I’ve already shared a couple. As mentioned, his best finishing percentage for a full season was 60.5%; His career mark is 59.8%. Based on 2021 QB performance, these numbers would place him 30th out of 33 qualified quarterbacks – right in the Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnald area. He posted a 88.9 career passer rating, his best full season in 2013 being 91.6. Such performances would put him 18th to 21st in 2021, along with Jared Goff, Matt Ryan and Ryan Tanhill for the company. At 3,369, he would have been the 20th best last season, behind Taylor Heinick, the highest of his career, to pass the yard in one season. [1] [5]. Nothing about this paragraph was very impressive.

What about winning, the status that defines quarterback more than any other? He has a 28-30 career record, about .500. (Kirk Cousins ​​is a career .500 quarterback. Argu it without hesitation in a different forum.) However, in his last two injuries এবং and in a season full of controversy, Kepernick led 3-16 in a combined [1].

It would not be appropriate to give an overview of Kepernik’s career without highlighting 2012 and 2013. In 2012, he took a 5-2 lead over Alex Smith, whose passer rating was 98.3, Adjusted Yards per Attempt (AY / A; a stat that considers touchdown and interception to add weight to the yardage in every passing effort) and the Ninners’ Super Bowl. Brings. In 2013, when he led the Niners in the Conference Championship game, he had the highest passing season rating of his career. In these two seasons he has not been anything extraordinary.

Colin Kepernick
Free Agent QB Colin Kepernick. IMG_2017_08_24_COLIN_KAE_1_1_MIJDETDB.JPG

Another thing to consider when considering the 2022 Copernicus revival is the objective fact that he did not play NFL football. Six In six years, he has not thrown a pass, played a defense or taken a hit in an NFL game. That’s a lot of days.

Stephen A. As Smith noted earlier this week, any player who has been sitting for so long, regardless of his previous playing ability, faces a significant disadvantage compared to the rest of the league. [6]. Ask parents of young children who have had years away from their careers: It’s hard to get back to work. Her body still looks great; I’m sure he can still take hits and outperform many defenders. But he is 35, 34 years old, and his style of play, which depends on speed and athleticism, is not insignificant.

Colin Kepernick had a great run that will be remembered in NFL history, especially considering what has been followed. His play on the field is certainly a tryout qualification, an opportunity to show what he is still capable of; Good for the Raiders to give him that opportunity. But he was the average best in the crucial QB metrics in today’s NFL.

Copernicus was landing in San Francisco instead of climbing in the last few years of his tenure. And he’s been away for a long time, and he’s not getting younger. No, the 2022 Colin Kaepernick doesn’t deserve an NFL roster spot, Las Vegas or anywhere else. Sorry if you were excited by this rumor. If we had this conversation six years ago, it would look very different. But that was then, and now it is.

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