Cobbo Steak Maroons claim, Eels stumble and Cowboys continue to be affected

The NRL season has gone through ten rounds and a very competitive magic round is now complete. This weekend is a great example of how successful this event is already, despite the existence of special rounds that have existed for only three years. Fans have witnessed some fantastic footy, with some catastrophes. This article will give you a brief overview on each of last week’s matches.

Bulldogs vs. Knights

The entertainment value of this round did not start very promising as the opening game provided a lot of weak attacks and errors all around. Bulldogs in particular, because their number of errors was 15 and the completion rate was 64 percent.

The Knights have ended their losing streak and shown small signs of improvement, and their upcoming match against Brisbane will prove that whether they did well or not, it was, in my opinion, the worst match of the round.

Manly vs. Broncos

The Brisbane Broncos gave their home fans a masterclass and a large part of it was behind some of Adam Reynolds’ brilliance. The shutout performance was Brisbane’s fourth win in a row and the Broncos fans got ‘up and about’ like me.

The Sea Eagles, on the other hand, were completely disappointed on Friday night and many could argue that Tom Trobozevic had a knee injury. Instead, I think they just weren’t ready for the Broncos Ambush and didn’t know how to stop it.

Warriors vs. Rabbits

The New Zealand Warriors looked down-out before almost a miraculous comeback in the second half. They were trailing 26-0 at one point and didn’t seem to have a chance to get themselves back in the game. Numerous back-to-back attempts bought them between the two points, however, Shawn Johnson was climate-unable to score a two-point field goal, which sent the game into overtime.

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Although it was a courageous endeavor, they had to start much better and they continued their struggle.

Cody Walker performed almost a perfect first half that set the rabbits well. However, rabbits must start playing 80 minutes of football.

Dragons vs. Titans

The match went to the wire and gave the Gold Coast Suncorp supporters some magic as Jared Wallace teamed up over the line to tie the game. Season

Both teams were common in the patch, as well as some pace-changing dramas. Towards the end, it seemed that both were trying their best to lose the game. Luck was not on the Dragons’ side as some unnecessary errors cost them two competition points and they seem to have returned to the deep end, although everyone thought they had turned their season around after three consecutive wins.

Storm vs. Panthers

This top-of-the-table match was long awaited and the quality of football was still great, however, the absence of Ryan Papenhuizen, Remis Smith and Jahrom Hughes caused confusion in the first vs. second match.

It’s hard to say much from this match because Melbourne was clearly not in full force, although Penrith was outstanding in attack and defense. Despite the Panthers winning by 26 points in this fight, these two teams are nowhere near as great as they are now and hopefully when these two teams meet next time, their best aspects will be available.

Shark vs. Rider

The Canberra Raiders came out of the gates on Sunday in support of a win against the Dogs last week to take a 20-0 halftime lead. The Raiders almost gave up the game in the second half as they were gifted Cronulla Field Possession and were locked in an 11-v-13 fight for the half due to Sean Bean.

The Sharks were miserable all day and Brad Snyder simply couldn’t capitalize on their fourth campaign win. Many questions can be asked about Cronulla, especially about their attack, which has not been very good since their impressive win over Manley (against the Warriors last week).

The rate against the Titans on Sunday could certainly keep them at the bottom of the pump, however, a firm belief could be a great help to get them back on track.

Rooster vs. slope

The Sydney Roosters can find their form from recent years which they have been badly missing so far this season. James Tedesco was the best player of my match on Sunday because he carried chokes throughout the season and continued to do so in this competition.

At this point, the whole party follows in his footsteps and makes a great team effort. It shows how much potential they have and I believe this is the first step towards their best.

(Photo by Albert Perez / Getty Images)

Being a Parra fan is the hardest life. Eels beat the two most positively-speaking teams in the camp, (Melbourne and Penrith) yet failed to beat the Rooster or Cowboys. Clearly, both sides have undoubtedly been competitive this year, however, if you can beat first and second place, you will be able to avoid being blown away by North Queensland and suffering blitz in the first half by struggling chokers.

Tiger vs. Cowboy

To end the awesome round, this game had some of the best moments, such as the Murray Tuvalgi Superman Act, or the Ruben Cutter line being broken and turned into a fullback with insane racing skills despite being a pro.

The scoreline ended up being very one-sided, as the Cow ran away with two competition points in the second half. North Queensland looks the best we’ve seen since their unforgettable 2017 final run. Even I myself, who is a Broncos fan and dislikes cowboys a lot, can’t deny how entertaining and great their feet are at the moment.

The Tigers, after two weeks of intense excitement, are once again stuck in the mud after that memorable victory. This week they face the Bulldogs and if they suffer another defeat, it could be a big step towards ending up as a wooden spoon.

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