Celtics gain momentum heading to Game5

Daniel Thiss # 27, Juan Morgan # 4 and Grant Williams # 12 after the Miami hits in the 2022 NBA Playoff Eastern Conference Final at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts on May 23, 2022 at the Boston Celtics High-Five.
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The 102-82 Game 4 win was an impressive one for the Boston Celtics.

With the victory in the Eastern Conference Final, Boston has officially returned to the series and gained momentum:

Jayson Tatum bounces back with a powerful Game 4 performance.

Here’s how he was compared to the following contests in Game 3:

  • Game 3: 10 points, 3-point for 14, 1 for 3-point to 7, and six turnover games in 41 minutes (-7 plus / minus)
  • Game 4: 31 points, 8-shoot for 16, 3-point 1-7, and three turnover games in 34 minutes (+37 plus / minus)

With the exception of a poor performance from 3-point land, Tatum stepped foot in Game 4.

He has only one strong game in the series in terms of shooting from downtown and that was in Game 2.

Here is his best 3-point shooting performance in terms of percentages this post season:

  1. May 19 (opponent: hits) – 67 percent (by 4)
  2. April 25 (net) – 67 percent (4)
  3. May 15 (box) – 56 percent (5)
  4. May 3 (box) – 50 percent (5)
  5. May 13 (box) – 47 percent (7)

When the series returns to Miami for Game 5, the Celtics are expecting more success from Tatum.

If he continues to be successful in the first half, the Celtics will have to do well for the rest of the series:

It is an elite scoring company for dynamic scorers for the Celtics.

So, how did Boston gain momentum and what will allow them to move forward?

How the Celtics gained momentum

Game 4 was by far the most one-sided competition in the 2022 Eastern Conference Final.

The Celtics started the game 18-1 and never looked back.

The Miami starters rarely scored, and both PJ Tucker and Max Strauss went scoreless with -30 or worse posting plus / minus.

Boston also won the free throw and rebound battle by a very large margin.

The Celtics brought momentum to the series with a great win.

However, could Robert Williams III be healthy for Game 5?

If he and Al Harford start for the upcoming competition, Boston could keep pace.

The Celtics are 2-0 up in this series when the big men will play both.

It is also important for Tatum to go to the free throw line.

His 14 games from the free throw line matched the hit team in 4.

The Celtics ’offense series was good enough to tie, but it was Boston’s defense that stole the show.

Going forward, Game 5 will be determined by health and defense.

How can heat return to speed?

Miami’s defense led the team to victory in 3 games.

Even though Jimmy Butler was absent for the entire second half of Saturday’s contest, the hits held on.

Butler didn’t seem to get a lift in Game 4.

Miami was with Tyler Hero on Monday.

So, will all the major rotation players of the hit be active for Game 5?

That seems like a decent possibility to happen.

Meanwhile, Celtics have tagged both Smart and Williams as suspicious.

If any of them are out for 5 games, the heat is definitely a chance.

Williams could be more important between the two.

He blocked the hit shot in the hoop.

We have to see the injury situation, but it could be another interesting match on Wednesday.

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