Carlos Correa is warming up at the right time

Carlos Correa # 4 of the Minnesota Twins celebrates the Detroit Tigers by throwing Javier Base # 28 at the first base in the fourth inning of April 27, 2022 at Target Field in Minnesota, Minneapolis.
(Photo by David Birding / Getty Images)

The Minnesota Twins lead the AL Central division with a healthy 27-16 record.

Lots of players have contributed to get there: Byron Buxton is the team leader and star performer, but the pitching was tough and other parts of the lineup helped.

Carlos Correa is one of those pieces.

The twins paid a lot of money to keep Korea away from the other team in the offseason, and after a fairly slow start to the season and a finger injury, he started to warm up at the right time, as he tried to separate from Minnesota. Pack

“Carlos Correa arrives safely in 15 consecutive games,” Do-Hyung Park, who covers the twins for, tweeted on Wednesday.

Reaching the Base of 15 Straight Games is a nice little streak: for 15 games in a row, Korea was there, on the Bespaths, to take him to his teammates.

His season line still looks quite weak compared to other seasons: he is hitting .274 / .346 / .402 with two home runs and a .748 OPS.

A turnaround of sorts

However, if you look closely, he started to turn everything around.

In his last seven games, Elite Shortstop dropped .348 / .444 / .522.

If we extend the search for his last 15 games, he is still mashing: .386 / .444 / .561 with a homer and 12 RBIs.

Korea’s offensive rise is remarkable: it has more than .900 OPS seasons and its career has .834 marks.

This, combined with his stellar defense, made him one of the most valuable infielders in baseball.

The twins are lucky to have him, and his offensive numbers should start climbing in a hurry.

After all, he’s a proven post-season performer, something that will excite twin fans.

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