Bryce Harper trades with a fan

Bryce Harper of Philadelphia Phillies # 3 celebrates his single homran to take a 9-7 lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers in the eighth inning at Dodger Stadium on May 13, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
(Photo Harry How / Getty Images)

There was a great scene in the Philadelphia Phillies dugout during their game against the San Diego Padres on Thursday afternoon.

Phyllis star Bryce Harper traded a baseball cap with a fan near the dugout.

It’s not clear if Harper first saw the fan hat and offered the trade, or the fan who started the interaction, but it was a great moment.

Harper is obviously happy with his white hat, and fans are certainly enjoying his exchange with one of the league’s best players; Not to mention the hat he got.

Fans love to interact with their favorite players

Regardless of their age, these interactions carry a lot of meaning for fans: even if it’s a small hat trade.

They go to the stadium to support their team and its players, so having a short, quick chat with someone during the game should make them feel good.

Harper showed that his spirit had risen after a partially torn ligament was caught in his elbow.

He has been allowed to continue playing, but has lost several games this week after receiving an injection on Sunday.

He will probably not be allowed to play in his normal correct field position for a while around the All-Star break.

Still, Harper understands that the players, and he in particular, cause fans to go to the ballpark.

In that case he seems to have become much more.

As long as he continues to carry Phyllis through his proud, excellent all-around performance, fans will love Harper whether he takes Phyllis to the post season or not.

They see him work hard, and that’s usually what it takes to be a star in an enthusiastic city like Philadelphia.

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