Broncos Underline Final Certificate as Reynolds Inspired Manly Mauling

Brisbane have underlined their final ambition with a 38-0 victory over Manley in a magical round at the full, vocal Suncorp Stadium.

It was the second week in a row that they have made the top four teams since 2021: their win against the South last week proved that they are the real deal, and it just made it even more underlined. Brisbane is back.

Selwyn Cobbo was the protagonist of the hat-trick, but it was another story of Adam Reynolds’ brilliance, where the halfback put up a kicking clinic and was far above his average in terms of wealth. If he seemed to be everywhere, he was.

Kevin Walters can expect big things from his star recruits, but last month’s performance exceeded even the highest expectations.

Reynolds was everywhere: he made the first three attempts – two for Cobbo, one for himself – with exceptional short kicking, but it was his long kick, the best in the NRL for a long time, that gave him the advantage of a near-indomitable field position.

For Manly’s part, they fell into a perfect storm. They hit a red hot Broncos side in a beerpit atmosphere, but did little to help themselves.

The finish rate sitting south of 70% told a story, but perhaps more damaging was that towards the end of the second half, the Daily Cherry-Evans ran more meters than any Seagull forward. Tom Trobozevic, with a large strapping on his knee, does not look close to moving and fitting with the slightest ease.

Manly allows a kick off bounce out and gives the Broncos an instant field position. They took immediate advantage: Adam Reynolds kicked and Selwyn Cobo scored the highest.

As the barrage continues, the Broncos enjoy two-thirds of the ball and even more territory. Kurt Capwell went over twice, but fell behind for knock-on and forward passes, respectively. An extra two points, taken through Reynolds’ boots, seemed a small reward for the pressure.

Manly was struggling desperately to move forward. Tom Trobozevic fielded a bomb over the line, but their only chance in the first half was to spread the ball.

When, 35 minutes into the clock, they are forced to drop out and set a good ball, Tyson Gamble steals the footy in the first game.

The Broncos would finish halfway through when they started it, with a piece of Reynolds brilliance. This time, it was his own job: halfback chip, chase and re-collect to lead 14-0. It could be even stronger, Reynolds’ last second field goal did not go wide.

The second half started as if the first had not ended. Corey Oates was turned down by a Christian Tuipulotu tackle in the corner, but shortly afterwards, on the other end of the field, Adam Reynolds again stung Cobbo for comfort and score.

Cobbo didn’t need any help to make an impact in the game, but he got more. Dylan Walker, desperately looking for points, throws a whistle in the winger’s bag. The next 95m was a formality.

Manly needs a miracle, but the arrival of rain has provided no hope of a bright return.

Corey Oates disobeyed the conditions that sent scattered fans behind the Suncorp stand to slide into the corner and go untouched again to underline the score.

It could have been worse if the bunker’s late decision hadn’t gone against Kobe Heatherington, but the Sea Eagles got the reprieve that prevented them from starting the game so badly.

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