Bill Belichick is not in a hurry to make an important decision

NFL New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick watches from the sidelines during the second half of the game against the Tennessee Titans at the Gillette Stadium on November 28, 2021 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.
(Photo by Adam Glanzmann / Getty Images)

The perfect time is a huge part of Bill Belichick’s success with the New England Patriots.

Not often, he knows when to go for a daring call that will change the color of a game.

He knows when to include a particular player that will have a tremendous impact on results.

He guessed what other coaches wanted to do and called for counter-initiatives to derail their cause.

Even the timing of the front-office decision was important and Belichick had a handful of those steps.

He knows when to spend for free agents or to make drafts instead.

Belichick also knows when to trade or trade down to get a franchise player like Mac Jones and build their stock of draft picks.

With more than two decades of experience as the head coach and general manager of the Patriots, he only knows when the execution will take place or will be postponed.

That said, team supporters shouldn’t worry if they still don’t have a play-caller for the offense.

After all, the 70-year-old consultant has a plan.

Karen Gurgian of the Boston Herald tweeted, “Belichik says he is ‘months away’ from scheduling a play caller.”

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

Anyone can be a play caller if they show the right credentials for Belichick.

There is no offensive coordinator for patriots

The Patriots are still trying to fill the void left by Josh McDaniels when he joined the Las Vegas Raiders.

However, Belichick is trying an unconventional approach by making defensive-minded coach Matt Patricia their offensive line coach.

New England are still tinkering with their attacking coach and they could name the play-caller in training camp.

Until then, they should have someone in charge to devise a proper strategy for the crime.

Having that point person makes their decision making more cohesive.

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