Bellamy Storm will extend the purple kingdom into the 21st season

Melbourne are ready to announce that Craig Bellamy will continue as head coach after the 2022 NRL season.

The club wants to issue an official statement after Wednesday that Bellamy will lead for the 21st season.

The master coach was already committed to Storm by the end of 2026 but was discussing whether to move into the role of coaching director.

After granting several extensions over a period of time for a decision due to his personal circumstances, Bellamy agreed to remain in his current position for 2023.

He has so far delayed making the announcement public because he did not want it to overshadow milestone games for some of his players and then prepare for Storm to play champion Penrith in last week’s Magic Round.

This is a relief for Melbourne as they prepare to lose a number of veterans by heading to the Dolphins later in the year with captain Jesse Bromwich, his brother Kenny and associate representative forward Felice Kaufusi.

Bellamy’s one-year deal could affect the future of superstar playmaker Cameron Munster, who terminated his contract at the end of 2023.

Munster is expected to decide on the future of his game next week and as Bellamy is not committed to the long term, he could look to brighten his future by accepting one of the huge deals offered to play elsewhere.

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