Before the trade, the Vikings wanted Louis Cine all the time.

Before the trade, the Vikings wanted Louis Cine all the time.

Lewis Cine

Despite all the fanfare about the Minnesota Vikings’ deal with the Detroit Lions on the first night of the 2022 NFL Draft, the team’s new leadership tandem has identified Lewis Cine as their all-time favorite, running the wheel and making the final pick before starting the transaction.

That night, through direct compensation with the Lions, through the 12th overall pick trade, the Vikings added Lewis Cine (S), Andrew Booth (CB), Ed Ingram (OL), and Brian Asamoah (LB). Lions Jameson Williams (WR) and Josh Paschal (EDGE) landed.

And according to the team’s archive video tweeted Thursday, there is now evidence that Cine was always “folk.”

“It’s cine now – we have to look nervous,” the Vikings general manager said after concluding his contract with Detroit.

And that refers to the franchise’s desire to select Cine from the outset, probably not with the 12th overall pick – but somewhere in the 1st round. Also, the video focuses on Cine while banking additional draft capital and provides an argument as to why the Vikings traded in the first place. [in what Kevin O’Connell inferred] The draft had sweet spots.

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Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Kevin O’Connell

The context of the decision is much needed for some. Viking spectators were disappointed that Adopho-Mensah traded with Detroit from the 12th Pick – and then traded with the Green Bay Packers the following night – because it was not ideal to do business with departmental enemies.

A handful of people even hinted at the new general manager for being completely incompetent, “not knowing what he was doing.”

Alas, that theory is hypocritical, because the video above shows the strategic nature of his decision-making, trying to increase the value of the list through multiple players instead. One With the 12th pick.

Business with the Lions has been kind to the Vikings in the past. In 2010, Minnesota signed a deal with Detroit that was welcomed [the draft pick that would turn into] Everson Griffin. Jahvid Best and Jason Fox used Lions Trade to draft. Five years later, Rick Spielman trades for the pick of Daniel Hunter, where Detroit picks Alex Carter.

Carter has played one game for the franchise in his career.

Adopho-Mensah’s trading was probably not an off-his-rocker strategy at the time of the draft.

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