Avoid Everton drops – but where from here?

Everton, due to the skin of their teeth, were able to avoid deportation this season.

They haven’t made it easy for themselves, as any team can go deeper into the relegation dogfight without taking the last day of the season.

The 3-2 win over Patrick Vieira’s exciting Crystal Palace side means that Frank Lampard-led Tofis have a record of being one of several teams, including Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea – which have never been eliminated. Premier League.

However, despite the flair-filled cheers at the end of the Palace game, which resulted in some disgusting behavior from Vieira fans during the pitch attack, there is little to celebrate for Everton.

The end of a decade-long series of top-half Premier Leagues, which included the development of the best players and the best talent in the Premier League, has finally raised the Scout Club to just 39 points this season, a shortfall from the infamous 40s. -Point mark and club’s equally poor Premier League performance.

So, where will they go from here?

Tell me what you would like about his management career to date, but Frank Lampard has performed admirably with Everton this season.

By handing over the keys to a wingless plane, Lampard was able to stabilize Everton’s free fall from the top division and finally save the club from relegation.

In 14 games before the appointment of Frank Lampard on January 31, 2022, Everton won only once, drew three times and lost the rest.

It took Frank Lampard two games to win his first match 3-0 against Leeds United and since then he has won five more matches, drawn two more and lost ten of the 18 matches in his charge.

Frank Lampard

(Photo by Clive Brunskill / Getty Images)

In comparison, in the 20 matches under Rafa Benitez, the Spaniard has managed five wins, including four in the club’s first six games of the season.

In a short time, Frank Lampard was able to turn the tide of Everton Football Club and he was signed for two more seasons, which means Everton have no choice but to support him.

But still, this is the right choice.

For a club like Everton, where the expectation is a slow build-back to compete for a European position like West Ham, they are investing time and resources for a young manager who has shown promising signs.

As a player he will first see the type of culture that led Everton to European football in the mid-2000s and he will be able to build his own culture on this understanding.

Lampard has shown versatility in his management style this season. He took a more realistic approach than when he was at Chelsea, when his only full season at the club was 60.6 per cent.

This season, with Everton’s possession averaging just under 40 per cent, Lampard has focused on keeping the defense tight and on the ugly win instead of trying to impress the opponent.

In his 18 matches as Everton boss, Lampard deployed three or five backs in eight matches, winning three and drawing one, highlighting his understanding of how to adapt his style to suit the players, not the other way around.

With the team in full pre-season, there is no arguing that Frank Lampard has the potential to move Everton further away from the relegation zone next season.

His time at Chelsea – leading a young, inexperienced, and less resourceful team to fourth place in his first season in charge – showed his managerial talent.

Everton no doubt suffered a season injury.

It is difficult for most teams outside of the league’s most expensive teams to recover from this level of loss, especially in critical positions.

However, the injury has highlighted the weaknesses of the squad.

The Richardson amulet went ahead in the long absence of Dominic Calvert-Levin, but the next person to be injured would be Solomon Rondon.

Dominic Calvert-Levin of Everton

(Photo by Tony McArdol / Everton FC via Getty Images)

Jerry Mina and Ben Godfrey missed extended deadlines, pushing Mason Holgate and promising yet inexperienced Jared Branthwaite into the starting line-up.

Another key element of Toffees’ backbone, Abdoulaye Doucoure, has missed eight games throughout the year, including missing two league replacements – Tom Davis and Fabian Delph.

The output of these few Everton players was quite difficult to replace.

In the absence of Dominic Calvert-Levin, Richardson did a great job for them to lead the line, but his goal-scoring ability is nowhere near that of the Englishman, who finished 16 goals from 33 games.

But outside of Richardson, many of their replacements have only fought this season.

A crisis highlights weakness. Everton’s season – and injury – did just that.

This indicates a complete lack of depth in the settlement of both Benitez and Lampard. This problem is due to the lack of depth in the squad as much as it is down to the recruitment and development of the players.

There are some players in this Everton squad who need to be replaced if the club wants to challenge them to the top ten once again.

And there’s the smart signing – unlike the club’s recent signatures, which are high profile, high transfer fees and high paid players who have failed to give the club a strong return on investment.

Everton have to go to the market and spend wisely, just like their previous success.

Richardson celebrates a goal against Leeds United

(Photo by Tony McArdol / Everton FC via Getty Images)

They have signed players who may not be the biggest names when it comes to walking through doors like Tim Cahill or Seamus Coleman.

But they bought the club’s DNA, developed their game at the club and left the team as legends.

In 2003-04, Everton were almost eliminated from the Premier League. In 2004-05, the club, led by a young Wayne Rooney, qualified for the Champions League.

Stuck between these seasons of summer, they bring in Cahill and Michael Arteta, who joined from the obscurity and became the club’s giants.

The same attitude towards modern-day Everton recruiters – which is in line with the needs and aspirations of the party and Lampard – is absolutely necessary for the club to return and improve next year.

Financially, Everton is a club of destruction. The club has reported a loss of £ 100 million ($ 176 million) for three consecutive years.

Frugal spending, with little reward for players or a return on their investment, has characterized the club in the last few years, especially since Farhad Moshiri took over most of the ownership in 2018.

Gone are the days when Everton made smart signings for relatively low wages and sold players like Romelu Lukaku for exceptional gain years later.

Nowadays Everton’s transfer spending model is to try to sign as many big-name players as possible from big clubs like Andre Gomes and hopefully they will become world class, even though there is no systematic coordination around them.

In the 2021-22 season, Everton spent £ 8.2 million ($ 14.4 million) per Premier League point, their fourth highest amount in the league. And they spent £ 1.83 million ($ 3.2 million) on points per point, the third highest in the league.

A club fighting religion has the sixth highest estimated wage bill and the fifth highest purchase price.

It cries out for financial mismanagement and countless and ruthless spending without any plan.

It costs as much as possible to scream a club, without any thought of selling at a price.

It yells at a club that will only stop swiping credit cards when the game’s management intervenes and prevents it.

Among the changes that need to be made to the blue part of the Mercedes is the financial condition of the club which needs to be fixed and repaired as soon as possible.

We’ve often seen clubs spend huge sums of money in the hope of making a profit that never materializes, such as Leeds in the mid-2000s.

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