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Why not be surprised by AJ Brimson Origin snub

Gold Coast star AJ Brimson admits it was no surprise that Queensland ignored him for next week's State of Origin opener.

The 23-year-old, who switched from a fullback at the Titans to a five-eighth off-season, has struggled for continuity during the Gold Coast's uncomfortable start to the 2022 NRL season.

Injured in the season opener against Paramatman, Brimson was brought back to fullback for two games against Penrith and Sydney Roosters and before returning to the No. 6 jumper in the last three weeks.

With the Gold Coast winning just one of their last eight matches to move up to 14th, it did not come out of the blue for Brimson when he was not among the 22 players nominated by Maroons coach Billy Slater on Monday.

"I wasn't overwhelmed by the selection," he said.

"My role is probably 14 rolls and Ben Hunt, we'll start at nine anyway, but he's playing really well and I think the team they choose is really in form.

"It's going to be a good series. I am happy for the boys who have been selected and I am happy to be able to focus on Clubland right now. "

Moeaki Fotuaika is also being ignored by Slater, with only one Titan - captain Tino Fa'asumaleui - queuing for Queensland against NSW in Sydney next Wednesday.

In the absence of Fa'asumaleui, Brimson has been named captain for Thursday's NRL game against North Queensland at the CBUS Super Stadium.

A junior on the Gold Coast, Brimson said getting the consent of coach Justin Holbrooke to lead the team is a specialty and a role he hopes he can use in his bid to regain his Maroons place.

"I'm doing everything I can to get on the team," Brimson said.

“There are some players who are playing better than me at the moment who are in the team, which I think is quite fair.

"I still feel very young and still at the beginning of my career.

"I look around, I have a lot more experienced players than me so it's a great opportunity to be a captain and it's a great honor that he showed me how he sees me as a person and as a player. It's exciting. "



The origin of the perfect prelude to the World Cup but it should not be the top of the sport

It was that the State of Origin was an international trial. Gather the boys, play the best against the best and then pick a kangaroo team.

If you look at the greatest kangaroo group, the Invisibles of 1982 and the Unbelievable from 1986 to 1994, probably the last true Turing party, they coincided with the birth of Origin until the golden age of the early 90's. It was the final finishing school.

Now, of course, that aspect has fallen. The constant failures of Great Britain may be part of it - and please be polite to your humble Pomi Jarno in the comments section - but the main problem in my mind is that Origin doesn't really look like 1994, and in fact, neither does international football.

If you want to know the difference, our much talked about 2022 State of Origin wings will be a good place to start.

In the blue corner you'll find Daniel Tupau, who played in the 2017 World Cup in Tonga, and Brian Too, who could still be in Samoa later this year.

In Maroon Corner you have Xavier Coates, who was born in PNG and played for the Cumulus in October, and Selwyn Kobo, a proud Indigenous man who has already appeared in the All-Star Game.

For reference, the wingers of 1994 Game 1 were Rod Wisht, Graham McKay, Michael Hancock, and Will Carney. Of course all the great players and everyone played for Australia.

Tupu has already spoken to Brad Fitler about his origins and his conversation about the upcoming World Cup. In fact that dilemma could soon come with Game 2, Tonga will face New Zealand in Auckland the day before Origin in Perth.

"Freddie and I talked about it and I definitely want to play Tonga at the end of the year," he said. “I’ll see how things go for it [midyear] Test.

"I wanted to know if I could still play [for Tonga] At the World Cup and I can. Freddie knows how important it is for me to represent Tonga and my culture is very serious to me. He understood and respected it. "

(Photo by Fiona Goodall / Getty Images)

Then, good news for Josh Ado-Car. From the other wing, To'o has not yet confirmed his squad for the World Cup, but last year he preferred Samoa.

"I talked well with my family about it, especially my brother and my father," he said. "It simply came to our notice then. I'm pretty sure my goal will be Samoa, we'll see how it goes. "

Wings are not the only ones. Almost half of all participants in the Australian trial are eligible, and indeed, could play elsewhere. There are only six Australian players in the New South Wales squad.

Where 36 Origin players could once go down to 24 in a squad for the World Cup, now it is even more complicated.

You can immediately take Tupau and Kotoni Stags, who have recently played for Tonga, as well as juniors Paolo, Jerome Luai and Tino Fasumaleui, who have already ripped off Samoa, and Api Korosau and Jacob Saifiti, who must come to Fiji. .

Jeremiah Nanai, Stephen Crichton, Joseph Suaalii, Murray Taulagi and Payne Haas are eligible for Samoa but uncertain.

Felice Kaufussi and Josh Papali have recently played for Australia but have represented Tonga and Samoa in the past, respectively, as are Reagan Campbell-Gillard and Tariq Sims in Fiji.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - April 10: Nicholas Hynes of the Hunger passes during a warm-up before the Round Five NRL match between the Cronulla Sharks and the West Tigers at Pointsetbet Stadium on April 10, 2022 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

(Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

On the other side of the world, no one expects James Tedesco to reject the Kangaroos for Italy - whom he last represented in 2017 - but Nico Hynes and Pat Carrigan will certainly be called out if they are not selected for Australia, Scotland and Ireland. Wales (or Tonga) would be for Tyson Frizel.

The list of names and countries is somewhat confusing, but hard to remember two years later without international football, it represents a sea change in both the talent of the game and the rugby league in general.

Prior to 2017, eligibility rules meant Australia - and the money and recognition that came with it - ruled, while everyone else had to wait.

Rules of eligibility to treat international games such as State of Origin, an internal Australian competition such as City-Country or Junior Representatives.

Australia, which has shown little interest in the international game over the years and has considered other countries, especially the Pacific, as champs, will now have a trial for almost half of its main election.

Junior Paolo Samoa Rugby League World Cup 2017

(NRLphotos / Nathan Hopkins)

The real winners, on the other hand, are the players: they get to eat their cake and eat it. They can play Origin, then they don't have to play for Australia.

It is undeniable that Origin is the highest example of a rugby league, with the best players on the field at the same time and they can play there and have the opportunity to present something that is important to them on a personal and family level.

Perhaps it's me, not from these parts, but it seems that the only rivalry between New South Wales and Queensland is based on the fact that they play each other in sports.

The State of Origin organized by Australia was primarily by Anglo-Celtic Australians and for those who enjoyed their introverted sports day and later jumped on the Poms.

In many ways it's a vestigial part of the time - which is why we love the old footage, including the punch-ups, which create the criminal joy of a bygone age. It reminds us of who we were and the tradition of the game.

This is not a critique, by the way; This was the origin for Australia and the Australian Rugby League in 1982 and was largely reflected. That would be a terrible thing if you were Gering's Rod Wishirt or Stanthorpe's Michael Hancock. Tradition is important in a game like rugby league.

However, if you are a dual-culture kid in Mount Druit or Logan City, that tradition may not always seem to be yours. It may be something of it, but the international game may be another part of it.

I'm pretty sure Indigenous and Mরিori players feel the same way about the All-Star fixtures at the start of the season. The original scratches an itch, but that week scratches another.

Origin is a showpiece of the highest level in our game that everyone can enjoy, retro punch-ups and everything. But it should not be the pinnacle anymore.

FIFA World Cup is not the pinnacle of football and T20 World Cup is not the pinnacle of cricket; Occupied the Champions League and IPL. But no one looks at the international tournament and complains that the standard is not so high.

I think it's recognized by your peers as proof that you made it to the highest level, but the international footy gives you the highest level of recognition from your community.

Jerome Louie of the Blues

(Photo by Mark Colby / Getty Images)

I have yet to meet a Pacifica player who was not excited about leaving their country at the World Cup, and the most common thing they talk about is not footy, it's culture.

They are now taking it upon themselves to give their mothers and fathers, to give them a chance in the fight they have gone through.

It’s good that the Rugby League has this major event that everyone wants to see but now there’s more that the modern multicultural NRL offers and displays at the highest level.

The Australian Rugby League also needs to recognize this and support its players. Last year's activity that saw the World Cup canceled at the behest of NRL clubs revolved around the 1982 mentality.

If this year's source - now a World Cup trial for other countries - is anything to go by, they need to do it now or take the choice out of their hands.


The Reds seek inspiration from the State of Origin in the Super Rugby Final

The Queensland Reds have become the rugby league's state of origin for some Maroon inspiration as they plan to wreak havoc on a monumental super rugby Pacific in Christchurch.

Coach Brad Thorne prides himself on real insight into the opposition as a former title winner with the Crusaders.

However, captain Tate McDermott said Thorne was leaning towards his 14-game original career ahead of their knockout quarterfinals on Friday.

McDermott said: "The main topics this week are the fights, the big hits, the environment around Origin and what it means to be in Queensland.

“We don’t see a beef, but you will definitely see a bit; Once we say that we are not taking a step backwards we are in a better direction.

"So the boys are really licensed to go there and it makes a good fuss."

Since losing to the Crusaders last weekend, the Reds have enjoyed a rugby-crazy New Zealand city environment and constant hacking.

The Crusaders are $ 1.06 favorites to win their 11th straight game against Thorne, while the Reds have lost their last 19 games away from home against New Zealand and have not won in Christchurch since 1999.

But they have been competitive in their last two tours there, winning the second half of last week's game and scoring three fours at a four-point rate two years ago.

"No one expects us to win, especially here," McDermott said.

“But too many teams don't get two cracks in a week.

"We know we love the underdog and that title… nobody expects anything from us.

"Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing

"Here (compared to Brisbane) it's a different level of people who know rugby and it's Friday Crusaders vs. Reds."



Purple PTSD: Mond-Zimmer Rift, Thilen Fantasy Advice, 2 QB on the depth chart

Kellen Mond
May 26, 2021; Egan, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is doing drills at the OTA at the TCO Performance Center with quarterback Kellen Mond (11). Compulsory Credit: Brad Rampel - USA Today Sports

From sister-site Vikings Territory Is Purple, and the boys and girls there present the analysis of the Minnesota Vikings just like us.

Here are some of their top content from the last few days:

1 - Purple PTSD Opinions about the newly illuminated rift between Mike Zimmer and Kellen Mond.

2 - There is advice for Adam Thilen's fantasy football managers.

3 - Kyle Judy predicted Two The quarterback will make the 53-man list in September.

4 - Dead Westbrook rumors began Tuesday.

5 - And in the video section, Dustin Baker explains what the Westbrook addition to Dead would like.

Dustin Baker is a political scientist who graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2007. Subscribe to her daily YouTube channel, VikesNow. She Hosts a podcast With Bryant McKinney, which airs every Wednesday Raun Sai And Sally from Minneapolis. His Viking Fandom dates back to 1996. Listed Criminal Pleasures: Peanut Butter Ice Cream, 'The Sopranos' and The Doors (Band).

Bleacher Report's 'Rookie Gem' is a surprise for the Vikings

Vikings Sign New Receiver – Vikings Territory

November 28, 2021; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Albert Wilson. Compulsory Credit: Sam Navarro - USA Today Sports.

The day began with the news of one receiver working for the Vikings and ended with the signing of another. Dade Westbrook scheduled a workout today with his former franchise while other teams were keen to sign him, according to Ian Reports.

Apparently, General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah went in a different direction and signed the former Miami Dolphin, Albert Wilson.

Wilson's PFF grade per year:

  • 2014 - 68.4
  • 2015 - 63.9
  • 2016 - 54.1
  • 2017 - 75.5
  • 2018 - 82.5
  • 2019 - 62.3
  • 2021 - 59.3

Wilson missed the 2020 season due to a coveted opt-out. He was a consistent receiver who was between 213 and 554 yards per season. Overall, he has taken 218 passes for 2,499 yards in his NFL career and added points to the scoreboard 12 times. In addition, he has 27 career rush for 160 yards and a touchdown.

June 16, 2021; Miami Garden, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Albert Wilson. Compulsory Credit: Sam Navarro - USA Today Sports

While in college, he played for Georgia State and was the first player from that school to be invited to the NFL Combine. After breaking most records in his college, he became an NFL player. He was undefeated in the 2014 draft and signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he played his first four seasons. After his tenure there, Wilson joined the Dolphins at the Free Agency. The Vikings will be his third team in the league.

Vikings WR room admission

Similar to Receiving Core 2021. Justin Jefferson and Adam Thilen are an elite pair of tandem recipients, with KJ Osborne being the third option. So, Wilson will have to fight 2021 Rocky Ehmer Smith-Merced and 2022 draft Jem Jalen Naylor in the preseason. OlaBC Johnson, who missed the 2021 season with a torn ACL but contributed in 2019 and 2020, has been fully recovered and is part of the receiving room.

Wilson with 5'9 ″ 4.4 speed, exceptional speed. The Vikings did not have a player like him on the roster, which could increase his chances of making a roster. In the worst case, he will be cut after the Precision. In the best case, he will contribute as the fourth receiver. That role could grow, as the Vikings will likely run more sets with at least three receivers on the field than in recent years, and the new signing in the receiver position could be part of a significant depth.

Janik Eckardt is a football fan who has a myth of numbers and statistics. Despite Christian Ponder being a quarterback at the time, he chose the Vikings as his favorite team. He has a walking football encyclopedia and his favorite music genre of classic rock. Arguing about the Vikings on Twitter is one of his favorite things. If you like Vikings, follow him on Twitter: িকJanicEcard

Bleacher Report's 'Rookie Gem' is a surprise for the Vikings

How the AFL has completely pushed and carried out a grand search for the honor of the umpire

Of course, the AFL came out and defended their umpires for applying "common sense" when Chad Warner kicked the ball into the roof of the SCG after giving a free kick in the final leg of Friday night's game against Richmond.

One match, I can add, which was grossly over-umpiring, judging a total of 61 free kicks throughout the night, without any consideration of common sense or entertainment.

The free-kick against Warner was a complete nonsense, I can add that, and if you pay to contact Warner from Prestia, you must first give Warner a high profile from Prestia.

The problem here is that the umpiring has now reached the stage of farce. And this illustration further highlights the separation that each of the games, whose name is not Brad Scott, holds for the massive change in rules and interpretations implemented over the past decade.

This dissent has made things worse for Malarki umpires, which is a shame because the motive was great, but the result - the inability to read the AFL's room - is that fans really hate them every weekend that they've never been more visible.

Every aspect of the AFL sounds like a complete satire. You can portray Rob Sich as the new umpire's boss, providing these words.

"AFL confirms last night's decision not to award 50m penalty was correct *And the umpires will be honored with MBE for their good work,The league said in a statement.

"Richmond player Prestia was awarded a free kick (by a non-controlling umpire in the middle of the ground) *Who was on a power mission to reach the maximum free kick given in the space of three weeks) And the siren sounded almost as soon as the free kick was given.

"The umpires then made the right call not to apply a 50m penalty against Swann player Warner, due to the urgency of the free payment, the siren was sounded and the ball was being kicked into the crowd."

The ball was kicked into the roof of the SCG by a player who just gave a free kick!

Rob Sitch's character continues: "This same tactic is often used around the field when umpires do not believe that a player kicks the ball when he hears the whistle."

Yet prudence is not a word you will find in the book of rules. And of course, in the case where players play, the $ 210 premium Australian leather doesn't end up on the roof of the SCG.

You want common sense, AFL? Respect the decision of the umpires through the need to have players and all the followers of the game, with angry and not spit-filled behavior, you have changed the basis for punishing players for very normal actions, built on an emotion and passion. Body language, and if the umpire's respect, good-boy-aesthetics, and positively influencing the next generation of celebrities to behave in a non-confrontational-robotic manner is a new world order, you'll have to pay 50m to kick the SCG roof A player who just gave a free kick!

I heard Mark Robinson say you can't buy a theater like this, the mess upstairs was great to see *And pensioners should be indebted for signing up to pay for TV privileges.

Personally, I have seen it very differently. For me, everything in our game was wrong at the moment. The wildly inconsistent umpire who did not give a free kick to an umpire five meters away from the game above for a high injury game, but the non-official umpire, standing 75 meters away from the game, missed the first using his maximum vision. , Paid the second, and was considered a hero by the AFL for doing so.

The player who gave the free kick then lifts the ball over the grandstand, where the controlling umpire wants to give a 50m penalty, but is overridden again by the same non-officiating umpire who overrides him shortly before.

Discretion and explanation throughout the flight.

The level of dissent in the offer from the Richmond players, in response to the 50-meter drop, was enough to reverse the free kick and the Swans were given so many 50-meter penalties that they had to pay the Sydney Bridge toll as Lance Franklin stood in line. For goals from Manley.

Not surprisingly, the number of crowds has dropped from an average round attendance of 40,321 per week. Round nine fell to 25,416 and the annual average is the lowest in 26 years, 30,517.

This level of humor must play a role.

With the final word, AFL umpire boss, the character is played by Rob Sitch "Congratulations to Matt Steveck for getting the most free kicks in three weeks, a record we know Matt will break again in three weeks."

Satire. All of this is inconsistent and meaningless.

* Makes quotes in the name of satire.


Tim Tszyu lined up for a huge fight after the Americans instructed him to fight the Aussies

Tim Tszyu is one step closer to a unified mega-war with Jermal Charlo after WBO instructed the Americans to defend his belt against the undefeated Australians.

Tszyu has been WBO's No. 1 compulsive challenger in super-welterweight for more than a year, persuading the approval body to intervene after Charlo's victory over Brian Castano last month.

Also the holder of WBC, IBF and WBA belts, Charlow's victory in California elevated the 32-year-old to boxing immortality, the seventh person in history to claim four big straps in a division.

Now Tszyu has the opportunity to emulate his legendary father Costa, who consolidated the light-welterweight division in 2001 by knocking out American Job Judah in the second round in Las Vegas.

Tszyu and Charlo Camp have a June 20 deadline for the fight, proposed for August 28, or a purse bid will be held.

"The WBO World Championship Committee hereby instructs the teams to begin negotiations for the aforementioned WBO Junior Middleweight Compulsory Championship," the WBO statement said.

"It is kindly suggested that after receiving this letter, the parties have twenty (20) days to reach an agreement.

"If an agreement is not reached within the stipulated time frame, a purse bid will be ordered according to the WBO regulations of the World Championships.

“The lowest bid accepted for the WBO Junior Middleweight Division is $ 200,000 (27 A278,552). The parties involved may request a purse bid procedure at any time during the negotiation process.

"If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact WBO."

Charlo 35-1-1 (19KO) is ranked among the top 10 pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

As well as being ranked No. 2 in his WBO rankings, Tszyu (21-0, 15KO) is rated N.2 on WBC and No. 3 on IBF.

Tszyu told the AAP last month that he would ask his promoters to set up a showdown with Charlo in the United States, but it is understood that No Limit Boxing is trying to persuade the 28-year-old to let them fight in Australia.



The original absence forced a major overhaul, with Fifita sidelined

Round 13 means the first of two weeks of the NRL season when teams are hit hard by State of Origin absentees.

The Cowboys, Panthers, Rosters and Raiders are the four teams that have suffered the most this weekend as eight teams set foot in the opening countdown to next Wednesday's State of Origin series.

North Queensland took to the field against the Titans on Thursday night, losing only the captain Criminal justice The main responsibility when there are cowboys Valentine Homes, Tom Dearden, Ruben Cotter And Jeremiah Nanai In Maroon Camp. Winger Murray oil And center Hamiso Tabuai-Fido Cowboys will be allowed to return to the Queensland squad.

Titans forward David Fifita Not picked by Queensland but he is out for 2-3 weeks due to recurrence of knee injury.

Six of Penrith's stars will be removed on Friday night as they host the Bulldogs, who are followed by no Origin representatives. Josh Addo-CarExcluding shocks from the blues team. Opi Koroisau will be allowed to play for the Panthers as he is in the NSW reserve.

Manly will miss Daily Cherry-Evans There will be no riders when only to play with Saturday fighters Jack Whitton And Josh Papali And James Tedesco, Lindsay Collins And Daniel Tupu There will be no line-up for the roosters when they meet in Canberra on Sunday. Blues squad member Joseph Swallow Spectators can return to club duty.

As of this round, clubs will now have to name a 22-member squad on Tuesday instead of the 24 players who applied for the first half of the season.

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - July 14: Isaac Yook of the Blues will face the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons during three games of the 2021 State of Origin series at the Cbus Super Stadium on July 14, 2021 in Gold Coast, Australia.  (Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

(Photo by Chris Hyde / Getty Images)

List of teams in 13 rounds


Titans vs Cowboys at Cbus Super Stadium, 7.50pm (AEST)

Titans: Queensland have not picked star forward David Fifita but he has been sidelined for 2-3 weeks due to a knee injury. Tino Fa'asumaleui is absent from their only original duty. Moaki Fotuaika gives the pack a boost after returning from an ankle injury and Isaac Liu returns to cover for Fa'asuyamaleui.

1. Jaden Campbell 2. Corey Thompson 3. Brian Kelly 4. Patrick Herbert 5. Jamaine Isaaco 6. AJ Brimson 7. Toby Sexton 8. Moaki Fotuaika 9. Erin Clark 10. Jared Wallace 11. Sam McIntyre 12. b. Isaac Liu 14. Tanah Boyd 15. Jaime Joliev 16. Asan Masters 17. Sam Lyson 18. Aaron Booth 19. Herman AC's 20. Greg Marzeau 21. Allophiana Khan-Pereira 22. Sosefo Fifita

Shepherd: Todd Petten has had to bring new faces to the Queensland camp with Valentine Holmes, Jeremiah Nanai and Ruben Cotter. Tom Dearden was also ruled out as he is the 18th man in the Maroons. Journey winger Brendon Elliott has been called up with a switch to the center of Hamiso Tabuai-Fido Homes. Ben Hampton substituted Deirden in the half and Helium Luke Nanaye started, adding Connelly Lemuelu to the bench.

1. Scott Drinkwater 2. Brendon Elliott 3. Hamiso Tabuai-Fido 4. Peta Hiku 5. Mare Tawlagi 6. Ben Hampton 7. Chad Townsend 8. Jordan McLean 9. Reese Robson 10. Quinn Hess 11. Tom Gilbert 11. 13. Jason Toumalolo 14. Jack Granville 15. Connelly Lemuelu 16. Towneau-Brown in Jamaine 17. Griffin Nime 18. Ben Condon 19. Ken Bradley 20. Brendan Frey 22. Riley Price 23. Jack Borke


Panthers vs. Bulldogs at Blue Bet Stadium, 6:55 p.m. (AEST)

Panthers: With six stars out, Evan Cleary is playing in a completely different team for the Cowboys' winning team - Nathan Cleary, Brian Too, Jerome Louis, Liam Martin, Isaac Yeo and Stephen Crichton are absent from NSW duties. Kurt Falls will partner Shaun O'Sullivan in the half, while Robert Jennings and Charlie Steins have been widely withdrawn and Chris Smith and Matt Eisenhower have been brought in to pack.

1. Dylan Edwards 2. Taylan May 3. Isaac Tago 4. Robert Jennings 5. Charlie Steins 6. Kurt Falls 7. Shawn O'Sullivan 8. Moses Leota 9. Episcopal Coroisau 10. James Fisher-Harris 11. William 12K. Chris Smith 13. Matt Eisenhower 14. Mitch Kenny 15. Scott Sorensen 16. Spencer Leniu 17. Zeman Salmon 18. Sonny Luke 19. Jameen Hopgood 20. Lindsay Smith 21. Sonia Turuva Ricky 22.

Bulldogs: Josh will come out to show that he should have been selected for the Ado-Car Blues. Tevita Pangai Jr. is out again with back complaints.

1. Matt Duffy 2. Jacob Kiraj 3. Aaron Scoop 4. Jack Averillo 5. Josh Ado-Car 6. Matt Burton 7. Kyle Flanagan 8. Luke Thompson 9. Jeremy Marshall-King 10. Paul Von 11. Josh Jackson Raymond Faitala -Mariner 13. Max King 14. Jack Docker-Clay 15. Corey Waddell 16. Chris Patolo 17. Ava Siumanufagai 19. Jackson Topin 20. Bailey Beondi-Odo 21. Joe Stimson 22. Corey Allan 25.


4 Sea Eagles vs. Warriors at Pines Park, 7.35pm (AEST)

Sea Eagle: Jack will be packed down for Trobozevic Manly who is keen to prove that he is still at the Origin Standard after being dropped by the Blues. Queensland captain Daly Cherry-Evans is their only original representative. Josh Schuster got a run in his favorite five-eighth position and Kieran Foran moved to halfback. Martin Tapau (thigh), Jason Saab (toe) and Carl Lawton (suspension) are back in the lineup.

1. Ruben Garrick 2. Jason Sub 3. Morgan Harper 4. Tolutau Kaula 5. Christian Tuipulotu 6. Josh Schuster 7. Kieran Foran 8. Josh Aloiyai 9. Lachlan Crocker 10. Tofofo Siple 11. Haumole Olakau 11. 13. Jack Trobozevic 14. Dylan Walker 15. Carl Lawton 16. Martin Tapau 17. Shaun KP 18. Tanila Paseka 19. Ethan Bulemore 20. Kurt de Lewis 21. Cayo Weeks 22. George Tafua

Fighter: As speculation grows over Nathan Brown's tenure, club owner Mark Robinson has announced that no decision will be made on his future until the end of the season. Wade Egan and Bailey Sironen have been encouraged to return from calf and osteoarthritis pubis injuries, respectively.

1. Reese Walsh 2. Dalin Watten-Zelezniak 3. Roco Berry 4. Adam Pompeii 5. Marcelo Montoya 6. Chanel Harris-Tavita 7. Shawn Johnson 8. Ben Murdoch-Masila 9. Wade Egan 10. Jazz Tebhaga Itken 11 . 12. Tohu Harris (c) 13. Jack Murchie.
Exchange: 14. Tanila Otukolo 15. Bunty Afoa 16. Aaron Payne 17. Bailey Sironen 18. Freddie Lucic 20. Dunamis Louis 21. Alyssa Katoa 22. Deserne AC 23. Jesse Arthurus


Raiders vs Rooster at GIO Stadium, 4.05 pm (AEST)

Attacker: Neither Jack Whitton nor Josh Papali left two big holes to fill Ricky Stewart. Matt Fraoli was brought back to fifth-eighth place when Corey Horsberg started by joining Trey Mooney.

1. Javier Savage 2. Nick Katrick 3. Matthew Timoco 4. Sebastian Chris 5. Jordan Rapana 6. Matt Frawley 7. Jamal Fogarty 8. Corey Horsburg 9. Jack Woolford 10. Joseph Tapin 11. Hudson Young Head 11. Hudson Young Head 1. Adam Elliott 14. Tom Sterling 15. Ryan Sutton 16. Corey Haravira-Naira 17. Trey Mooney 18. James Schiller 19. Harry Rushton 20. Adrian Trevillian 21. Brad Snyder 22. Emre Guller

Cock: James Tedesco and Daniel Tupau off the backline and Lindsay from Collins Pack. Joey Manu will start at fullback while Kevin Nikema and Billy Smith have been added on the outside back. Cioscia Toukeyaho will start for Collins when Cityley Tuponiwa has been promoted to the run-on team in the second-round and Egan Butcher has been returned to the bench.

1. Joseph Manu 2. Billy Smith 3. Paul Momirovsky 4. Kevin Nikama 5. Joseph Swallow 6. Sam Walker 7. Luke Carey 8. Jared Weria-Hargreaves 9. Drew Hutchison 10. Siosia Taukeyaho 11. Angusi Tuni 13. Nat Butcher 14. Connor Watson 15. Fletcher Baker 16. Egan Butcher 17. Terrell May 18. Lachlan Lam 19. Daniel Suluka-Fifita 20. Adam Kigharan 21. Tom Carr 22. Ben Marshke


To go one step closer to another French title by killing the Joker, the king of the soil

Rafael Nadal reached the semifinals of the French Open, defeating world No. 1 and 2021 champion Novak Djokovic 6-2 4-6 6-2 7-6 (7-4).

The 13-time Roland Garros winner needs more than four hours to get one step closer to his record-breaking 22nd major and will meet Alexander Zaverev for a place in Sunday's final.

Earlier, Zaverev defeated fellow top-10 players at the Grand Slam for the first time in a dozen attempts, beating Spanish teenager Carlos Alcaraz.

The world's No. 3 star won 6-4 6-4 4-6 6-7 (9-6) in their thrilling quarter final in three hours and 18 minutes.

The match between Nadal and Djokovic began at 9pm Paris time on Tuesday night and ended just after 12pm on Wednesday.

Nadal has finished top-seeded Djokovic's bid for a second consecutive title win at the French Open and has confirmed that Serbia are behind him in the Grand Slam count with 20.

After surviving an already five-set thriller against Canadian Felix Agar Aliasim in the previous round, Nadal, backed by a biased crowd, found the means to finish it in four sets despite a break in the fourth.

The 36-year-old Spaniard improved to 110-3 all-time at Roland Garros on Friday. Two of those losses were against Djokovic, including last year's semifinals.

The showdown was the 59th of their careers, with more than two other men playing each other in the Open era. Nadal narrowed Djokovic's lead to 30-29.

German Zverev took a two-set lead with Alcaraz, also in Court Philippe-Chatriere, making a number of unnecessary errors. But then the sun goes down behind the stand and the 19-year-old wakes up, takes the third and holds the set point in the tiebreak of the fourth set.

Xavier, however, saved that point before winning his second match.

"I knew I had to play my best match," said Zverev, who lost to Stefanos Sitsipas in the 2021 semifinals.

"I am just happy to have won the tiebreak. The turn of the match was turning. I told him on the net that he would win this tournament. I hope I can win it before he starts hitting us all. "

The result marks the end of the Spaniard's 14-match unbeaten streak and leaves him a reflection of how to do better next time.

"The difference between other tournaments and a Grand Slam is that you have time to come back," said Alcaraz, who also reached the quarterfinals of the US Open last year.

"But at the same time, it's harder because it's difficult to keep the focus, the level, for three, four, five hours at the Grand Slam. I would say that's the difference.

"I have to take lessons. I mean, I need to improve on the next Grand Slam or the next match. But I will say that I am not far from reaching the semifinals or winning the Grand Slam. "



Returning to the foot in Fife, Cornex aims at Tex, dealing with the injury

Brisbane could breathe a sigh of relief after Fremantle captain Nat Fife decided to return through the WAFL this weekend.

Fyfe have not played a competitive match since undergoing shoulder and back surgery in the off-season and were on their way back against the Lions in Sunday's AFL clash at Optus Stadium.

The Dockers (8-3) are in third place after their stunning 38-point win over Melbourne in the MCG.

The temptation for Fife to return against the Lions was big, but the two-time Brownlow medalist feels he will serve well for both himself and the team if he hits the WAFL first.

This means that Fyfe will have its first WAFL match since 2010 for the Peel Thunder against Subiako at the Leaderville Oval on Saturday.

"It was his idea, to be honest, he knows his body better than anyone and he knows his confidence," Fremantle coach Justin Longmuir told the Seven Network.

"He thinks it's the right move for him to get a big crack in the second half of the year, so we just listened to him."

Debate continues over whether Fyfe will return to the AFL level as a full-time midfielder or move his time forward.

Longmuir was adamant about what role Fife would play for Peel Thunder.

"We'll play him for about 90 minutes, which is a good development for him," said Longmuir.

"I probably won't say much about what position he will play in, but he will play a role that will allow him to adapt to the AFL.

"I think it's really important for him to go back and get some confidence, not just in his body, but in his game.

"I think it's a good move to come back to the AFL and I said we want to make sure we build him in the right way so that he can make a real impact in the AFL in the second half of the season. We think it works best. "

If all goes well, Fyfe will return to Optus Stadium for next week's clash with Hawthorn.

"If he feels really confident and he thinks he has adapted really well and taken hits and his fitness is at a good level, then we will be guided by him next week," said Longmuir.

Taylor Walker's contract is a hot topic

If you're in Adelaide, there's no news about Taylor Walker and his desire to extend his contract or just get a contract in general.

It seems that this has become too much for former Port Adelaide player Ken Cornes who took aim at Tex the way he is referring to it in the press.

"I'm worried about trying to get a kick right now," Walker said.

"Number one is, 'Do I want to stay in Adelaide?' Yes i did Is there a deal on the table right now? No, no.

Rumors are rife that Walker has received offers from multiple clubs.

But why does Cornes believe Tex should not put pressure on his current club because he is not fair to do so?

"I'm sick of hearing about Taylor Walker's contract," Cornes Sen told the radio.

"What does he expect? However, the club did not offer him a contract. He is 32. Nine months ago, some people thought he might never play again.

“He broke up with his teammates and broke down in tears as he came out in front of the media behind the (racism) story.

"Tex's achievement is that he's back, but he's not in great form anymore. His form has dropped significantly since the first three matches where he was fresh. He has not scored more than two goals in Round 7 and has conceded just six in his last four games. "

"Then why would the Adelaide football club put a deal on the table for Taylor Walker now?"

Taylor Walker

Taylor Walker (Photo by Daniel Kallis / Getty Images)

The way the AFL handles head knocks

The AFL is not only reviewing targets using video technology, a report in the Herald Sun today revealed that doctors are also sitting in bunkers to review potential injuries in real-time.

Apparently, this has been going on since 2020 and is known as the 'Medical Spotter' program which allows independent doctors to review the footage and then send ping messages to the club's doctors if they see signs of an initially missed injury.

Concussion campaigner Peter Jess has now called on the AFL to hand over the Medical Spotter's report since today's release.

According to his website Concussion Watch, there have been 58 concussions so far this season.

West Coast recovering from heart attack

Great Peter Matara of the West Coast needs another stent insertion and is lucky to have survived a heart attack on Sunday.

The AFL world was shocked when it filtered the news that the mother had suffered a serious heart attack while chopping wood on her family farm in Ichuka.

The 53-year-old was rushed to Bendigo Hospital by his wife and two stents were inserted into his heart.

His younger brother, former Eagle Phil Matera, says Peter is recovering and will leave the intensive care unit soon.

“She’s much better today,” Phil said Tuesday

"She is OK. He's still in the ICU, but he's looking better, and he wants to take a bath and get out of the ICU.

"She is OK. Another stent will have to be inserted into another part of his heart.

"It's a small operation, and hopefully after that he'll be able to start getting his bounce back on his own."

Phil said his brother survived simply because he had a heart attack not far from the 120,000-acre farm, but closer to home.

"This (farm) is a huge operation," Phil told 6PR.

"She could be in a tractor 100 kilometers from home. If he had kept that pad miles away, he certainly wouldn't have done it.

"Fortunately, he (his wife) was cutting wood from home with Suzy.

"She was able to get in the car and take him to the hospital. It's very lucky for him. "

Phil urges people to check-up with their doctor to avoid similar consequences.

Matera is one of the greatest players of all time on the West Coast, having won two Premiership and five All-Australian jumpers in his glittering 253-game AFL career.

He also won the 1992 Soft Smith Medal for his breathtaking five goals in the club's 28-point grand final win over Gillong.

West Coast coach Adam Simpson, who has played 306 games for North Melbourne, said Matera said he "burned me every time I approached him" on the field.

"He's a club legend so our hearts go out to him and hopefully he'll get well soon," Simpson said.

"These things always give a push and it puts things in perspective a bit too, doesn't it?"

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