Are Aussie teams optimistic even after more Kiwi dominance?

Although the Australian teams have beaten some of the previous two weeks, their intentions have certainly improved.

It doesn’t look good to see troops and rebels surrender like them, but at least they have cracks.

Coming on stage at the Trans-Tasman Center was almost a false dawn for the Aussie teams, but it was great to see some positive results.

Let’s remember, last year the Australian team won two matches and before that, hid from our New Zealand brothers.

It has certainly taken the wind out of our sails over the last few weeks, but the Brumbeys have proudly flown the Aussie flag.

Varata has undergone major changes since last year and is showing some real steel.

The Reds are probably the best team on paper, but they don’t seem to be getting the same flow as they have consistently against Australian opponents over the last three years, but they can perform.

Reds' Fraser McRight chases the ball during the Round Three Super Rugby Pacific match between Western Force and the Queensland Reds at HBF Park in Perth, Australia on March 4, 2022.  (Photo by Will Russell / Getty Images)

(Photo by Will Russell / Getty Images)

The rebels and the forces have only weak coaching. Tim Sampson did a great job reviving the force but Simon Crown has huge potential for the switch.

Yes, he is a Kiwi, but he has lived in Australia for 20 years and is extremely successful.

He will be valued as an Australian icon such as Crowd House, Russell Crowe and Pavlova (of course, if he fails, he is a Kiwi).

Seeing the Kiwi team is a wonderful experience. Each team, one to five, is simply outstanding.

To see the back kick against the Brumbies, look cleverly and arrange from the blues.

This was Australia’s only threat and as Auckland dominated the entire competition, they isolated Brumbis.

Brumbies; The line speed in defense is great, and not offside, as every NZ team (including the All Blacks) has been around for 20 years while no one else can, which is real.

In a side note, view any footage of convicted All Black or provincial teams since 1998 and show me the footage. It’s at least one meter.

They haven’t been pinged for offside in defense for 24 years.

Each team has a different style, and even though they come under the pump every time, they simply find a way to win.

The Brumbies, Reds and Tahs, at least, began to believe. As a Wallabis unit against the All Blacks, there’s nowhere near enough depth for two full power directions, but a starting 23 and a secondary 15 a start.

Playing with the Brumbies, Reds and Tahs tickers, I think the Force is there too, but it looks like the East Coast and NZ trips are definitely taking their toll, but the intent and belief is at least 50 percent higher over the last five years.

The rebels have a talented squad, but unfortunately, the front is where they are lacking. They need a strong coach.

I don’t know much about Kevin Feet, but I can see it’s not working.

The time has come to bring Aussie coaches through the system. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Coach’s current crop includes:

Eddie Jones
Stephen Larkham (back to Brumbi)
Dan McKeller (current Brumbis and Wallabis forward coach)
Simon Kron (Toyota, Japan (let’s see how his Pavlova tasted)
Darren Coleman (NSW Waratahs)
K foot replacement – someone

Even a vein similar to Chieka Eddie’s is great for bumper runs.

Over the years, Australian rugby has been competitive at the national level. There are two national teams that we have had for eight and twenty years and they are England and New Zealand respectively.

While I see New Zealand as a long-term challenge to win Bladeslow, it would be great to pinch a game.

For England, I would take two to one. But I want to see three-zip.

We have talent, can coaches do that?

The emotional side of rugby is huge. Mr. Renee, you are a Kiwi, but for the next 18 months be green and golden (unless you want to apply the offside rule in defense like the Kiwis).

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