Anthony Santander owns a bizarre sign with the Orioles

Anthony Santander # 25 of Baltimore Orioles celebrates a home run against the New York Yankees at Camden Yards' Oriol Park on May 16, 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland.
(Photo by Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

If you think running home runs in the MLB is hard enough for a batsman, consider throwing two balls out of the park in the same game.

This is very difficult to do, especially in the low scoring environment that we are doing so far in 2022.

This is what Baltimore Orioles’ Slager Anthony Santander did against the New York Yankees on Monday: he scored two singles home runs.

Unfortunately, his Orioles lost 6-2, which was, oddly enough, a common occurrence when Santander goes to the yard twice in a game.

ESPN tweeted statistics and information, “Orioles is now 0-6 when Anthony Santander hits multiple HRs in a game – Santander is the only player in MLB history to have lost the first 6 multi-HR games of his career,” ESPN tweeted statistics and data.

The Orioles are not an ordinary team

Usually, when a team has a batsman who hits two homers in a game, they are more likely to win.

But Santander doesn’t play for a winning team: he plays for the Orioles, and they’re bad.

They must have improved considering the bad picture they showed in 2021, but they are still bad.

As a result, they failed to win any of the six games where Santander had two explosions.

While the Orioles are probably the worst team in the division, they have some interesting offensive parts, such as Santander, Trey Mancini, Ryan Mountcastle, Cedric Mullins and minor league catcher Adly Ratsman.

Hopefully they will all be together for the next few years and help the Orioles get back to relevance.

If they can hold on to Santander, who has a tough (if not invisible) OPS for his career. ).

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