Alex Cora had a ridiculous reason for not pulling Nick Pivetta

Boston Red Sox pitcher Nick Piveta # 37 congratulates manager Alex Cora # 13 after throwing a two-hit full game in their 5-1 win over the Houston Astros at Fenway Park on May 18, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts.
(Photo by Vinslow Townson / Getty Images)

After a hard-fought defeat to the Houston Astros on Tuesday night at Fenway Park, Boston Red Sox starter Nick Pivetta is back in the winning column for a full game throw.

Pivetta allowed just one run in two hits as the Red Sox beat the Astros 5-1 in the final for their 15th win of the year.

The Boston bullpen was dubious throughout the year, so such a start from Pivetta was very necessary.

Red Sox manager Alex Cora was asked about the possibility of dragging Pivetta to ninth place.

His argument can be seen in the tweet below and it is quite funny.

Don’t mess with Nick

This is a good reason not to pull your starter.

When he locks in and cruises, he may give you business if you kick him out of the game.

Cora was just playing dissent, but that’s a ridiculous reason why he didn’t pull Pivetta.

Some pitchers are a little intense from time to time.

One of the most recent examples is last season when Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts gave Max Sherger a pat and Sherzer turned around and yelled at him.

Pivetta can be what happens when pulled.

But the Red Sox needed a strong start and they got one from Pivetta.

He was able to go the distance and bring them back to the winning column.

And when your starter does it, you don’t bother with it.

Pivetta was locked in, and it was bad advice to pull him out for Kora.

Because if he thinks he wants to kill you, he might.

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