Albert Pujols stole a foundation from an associate MLB legend

St. Louis Cardinals' Albert Pujols # 5 and Yadier Molina # 4 laughing after the second inning against the New York Mets on May 18, 2022 at City Field in New York City.
(Photo by Jim McIjack / Getty Images)

If you don’t notice, Albert Pujols has some serious wheels.

Last night, as the St. Louis Cardinals of Pujols fought the New York Mets in the third game of their four-game set, Pujols swept the second base over Max Scherzer.

Sherza came on set and was ready to give his next pitch to Yadiar Molina.

However, Pujols took him to sleep and took a second base without breaking a sweat.

Fox Sports’ MLB has tweeted a video from the Cardinals TV network Bally Sports Midwest, showing Pujol showing off his burner wheel and fully capturing Sherzer and the Mets of Guard.

Albert’s wheel

All the jokes aside, we know that Pujol is not a fast runner.

However, he is quite a smart bastard, and he knows how to pay opponents to underestimate his ability to run the base.

Underestimate the machine at your own peril.

Sherzar, who was Pujols’ teammate with the Los Angeles Dodgers last year, should have known better.

Pujols, though not the fastest runner, knows how to pay the other team and he did just that.

Sherzer had no throw overs early and no attempt was made to get him out.

The important part is that Pujora got a great jump.

This is the key to stealing a base, to get a good jump.

Pujora knows how to find weaknesses and make use of them.

It’s one of the reasons he’s been around so long.

He is a smart player with high baseball IQ.

But it’s a beautiful sight when a guy like Pujol steals a base.

This is because he is one of the last people that you would ever expect to do such a thing, and when you underestimate him, he will pay you.

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