Albert Pujols has joined an MLB legend in the history of the rare league

St. Louis Cardinals' Albert Pujols # 5 before playing against the Milwaukee Brewers at American Family Field in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on April 16, 2022.
(Photo by John Fisher / Getty Images)

Sunday was an exciting night for Albert Pujols as the St. Louis Cardinals took it to the San Francisco Giants, sending them 15-6 out of town.

Pujols himself made two hits against the Giants on Sunday night, helping the Cardinals when he was most needed and giving a spark that picked up Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina. Winning number 203 as the all-time record-breaking battery.

Interestingly, Pujoles took the ball in the ninth inning to finish for St. Louis.

Codfy tweeted an interesting piece of information, noting that Pujols was the second player in baseball history to score 500 or more home runs, steal 100 or more bases and pitch.

The other was Bebe Ruth.

The instrument matches Bambino

Again, Pujol is making some history, joining Ruth in the elite organization.

Although it was done in an unexpected way, it is still history.

Many boys cannot claim to be in the same company as Great Bambino.

But here Pujol has met him twice in his colorful career.

For the first time in 3 games of the 2011 World Series, where he hit three home runs against the Texas Rangers.

This means that Pujols matched Ruth on both sides of the ball.

Pujoles’ pitching performance was not great, as he allowed four runs on two homers.

But she has still reunited with Ruth in some unique history and touched the finishing touches on a historic night for her two longtime teammates and friends.

That’s what a legend does, and Pujols does.

We’ll see if the Cardinals let him pitch again.

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