Albert Pujol got the perfect quote after his pitching debut

St. Louis Cardinals 'Juan Yepage # 36 Albert Pujols picks up the # 5 game ball to win the Pujols' final against the San Francisco Giants on May 15, 2022 at the Bush Stadium in Missouri.
(Photo by Scott Kane / Getty Images)

St. Louis Cardinal legend Albert Pujols made his pitching debut in the MLB against the San Francisco Giants on Sunday night.

The game was 15-2 in favor of the card, so their manager sent Pujol to Mound for the first time in his 22-year career.

Presumably, he wasn’t good, but that doesn’t matter: St. Louis confirmed his victory, and Pujol can tell the world that he pitched in an MLB game.

He did this more than two decades after his debut as an MLB hitter: it took time to understand what it was like to be allowed to run home after a home run.

On Sunday, Pujols lost four earned runs and a few long balls to Joey Burt and Luis Gonzalez.

She knows it now.

“It took until his 22nd season, however Pujalsfive He can finally sympathize with all the pain he has caused, “the machine wrote in a statement on The League’s official Twitter account.

Paying the pitchers for their mistakes for 22 years

“They paid me as I have been paying the call for 22 years,” he said aptly.

Speaking of paying the pitchers, Pujols owns a career batting line of .297 / .375 / .543 with 681 home runs, 1,881 runs, 2,156 RBIs, and even 116 stolen bases.

These are the first ballot Hall of Fame numbers for the best Latin player of all time to set foot on the field.

After his Sunday pitching appearance, the only position the Pujols have not played in the big league is Catcher and Center Fielder.

Can we see his friend Yadier Molina with the catching equipment to play one or two innings this season?

This can certainly be a great moment in Cardinal history.

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