Again New Zealand dominates, but Australian Super Rugby is rising

New Zealand teams do their best as we return to normal programming. After three rounds of trans-Tasman rugby, they absolutely dominated.

Kiwi teams have depth, skill and coaching above all. All they need is time.

They digest and adapt information from previous games.

In three weeks the Aussie teams have done what they should have done and made alternatives and punched over their weight. At some point depth was always going to play a role.

Unfortunately that moment came in Round 13, 2022.

Aussie teams were outclassed and defeated. The boys on the other side of the ditch had skills and they enjoyed every minute of it.

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These are the moments that determine the winner, and I still don’t see that an Australian team can come out on top, with the exception of Brumbis.

Let’s look at the past of the Force and the Rebels for now, because they seem to be looking for catering after the game rather than just the match. Force in particular has created such wonderful moments but is now cooking and looking for a crazy Monday. Simon Crowe has work to do next year, because they are better than what they are delivering.

So we come to Brumbies, Reds and Waratahs.

The Brumbies have shown that they have nothing but Noah Lolesio. The direction was pedestrian and purposeless.

When he comes back, they may be stuck in their structure, but obviously their inner back and kicking game is lost without him.

Since Stephen Larkham will be coming next year, the second flyhaff is important. The Brumbies lost that game; They first lose control and then chase.

Again, you can’t chase against the NZ team.

It was sad to see, but they still have to make it to the finals, and I think if Lolesio were there they could have crashed into the semi-finals.

Folau Finga of Brumbis was confronted by Richie Munger of the Crusaders.

(Photo by Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)

Oops the Reds, and oh my God.

I’m a New South Walesman and I really enjoy the Reds. I was so proud of what they did last year and how they got along in the first half of this season – but hey, they’re gone.

It’s sad to watch. Queensland’s talent is huge. Brad Thorne has made a great squad, but something has been missing since the ‘anonymous’ on RA began to share their thoughts.

It may be a coincidence, but the thorn, pull your finger out and do something. This slide is embarrassing. I’m just saying that because in the next two years, 60 percent of the roster’s talent is Walabid.

Towards the Waratas, and who will cheat it: The Waratas did not win a game against the Australians or the Kiwis last year, but here they are sixth in the table with seven wins.

The difference is attitude. It’s hard to pick for a Kiwi team, but there’s no one style.

Varatas have a ‘play what is in front of you’ method. Play Man and the Ball – and, most importantly, both the Kiwi and the Australian franchise have lost something, play for your fans.

It’s all about building by the end of the year. It’s a four-month competition.

The boys are playing with the mind. They haven’t changed the roster too much, but their mentality has widened.

I don’t think they can win this competition this year, but they will win in the next two to three.

They are not playing as individuals, they are playing for the people inside or outside them.

It’s not just a game, it’s a movement for code. It’s an awakening. Thanks to Darren Coleman; This is what we need.

If Tahs makes it to the finals, I urge Channel Nine to keep every game on the main channel. Please.

Reds, Brumbis and NZ brothers, please jump on board.

All you have to do is read and stay on board. Make Tahs your second team. This is a great story

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