After winning the magic, can Newcastle continue?

After seven defeats in a row and seemingly endless suffering for Knight fans, Newcastle ended that horrific streak with a 16-6 win over the Canterbury Bulldogs.

That win was not very nice and we blew away other chances to seal it, but Adam Clooney’s 75th minute effort was enough to win Newcastle. The roar I saw from Adam O’Brien in the coach box shows that he got the passion a coach has to show for his team.

With our record now three wins and seven defeats, the finals are not exactly out of reach and this win could start a change. I can’t guarantee they will, because next week we got Brisbane and they beat Manley 38-0, their biggest win against the Sea Eagles.

O’Brien’s goal in the Knights is to turn them into a powerhouse team and a major force. In his first two seasons, he took us to the finals and he is the first coach after Michael Hagen to take us to the back-to-back finals.

We all know the history of the struggle and reconstruction of the Newcastle Knights. I have written many times about it that it is ancient history.

We are no longer rebuilding. Nathan Brown’s mission was to rebuild the Knights, and he did. Nathan Brown is a great coach, reconstruction specialist, great at recruiting talent and an excellent guy overall but he is not the NRL’s premiership coach. The AOB team in Newcastle was largely formed by Nathan Brown.

I believe we got the coach for the job and I will say again, dismissing Adam O’Brien would be a huge mistake. One thing I believe is that our juniors have come through the system with a rebuilding mentality. With some former Knight players on staff like Andrew Johns and Danny Buderas, I believe they should teach players what Newcastle’s winning culture is.

Things like playing for the city, playing for the fans and turning the marathon into a fort It was used as a field where not every opponent was afraid to be present. In our glorious days, you didn’t play football against the Knights of Newcastle… you were there for a fight.

The reality is that for Newcastle Knights we are nowhere near the premiership competitors and we have a lot of work to do. I can’t set a timeline for exactly how long it will take and the realistic factor to set is that it takes years, not weeks.

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