After a horrific elbow injury, the longest cut faces the best, Ray Warren may not return.

Newcastle center Bradman Best has been looking away for months after suffering a horrific elbow displacement during Thursday night’s loss to Brisbane.

The Broncos excelled in the second-half clash with fifth-eighth Tyson Gamble, and the replay shows he dislocated his elbow.

Knights coach Adam O’Brien said, “It doesn’t feel good, his pain threshold is incredible, so the way he looked at him was (was about).”

The Knights will have a scan and further assessment of his injury on Friday before announcing a specific timeline or his return, but he will probably miss at least six weeks.

This is the latest in a string of injuries for Newcastle who have struggled to get their best team on the field all season.

After hiding 36-12 on home turf against Brisbane, they have a week to reunite before facing the Warriors at Radcliffe next Saturday.

Although the Knights felt tough with some calls that led to a scoreline blowout, captain Kalin Ponga was confident mid-season recruit Anthony Milford would be able to make glimpses of his Newcastle debut.

“I thought it had some quality touch. He is quite calm in and around the joint, but he is quite vocal in the field, ”he said.

“I think he will only grow with the team.

“She is OK. To be honest it was great to be there with him. As a player and as a fan of Milford, it was great. “

Milford looked like he was carrying extra weight after not playing since last September but O’Brien said he was impressed with his condition for the whole 80 minutes.

“I don’t think it shows his first game in a long time,” he said. “There were some really nice touches at first and I was: ‘Oh, wait, this is going to be a fun night’.

“I think in the second half he will want some things, as we (the rest of the team) do.”

Ray Warren looks at the camera

(AAP photo / Jason McCormack)

RABS is not sure if he will return to his 100th origin

Channel 9 legend Ray Warren could make his 100th State of Origin call on June 8, but “Rabbits” is not sure if he will return to the opening match of the series at Acre Stadium.

The 78-year-old Voice of Rugby League, who is half-retired and has not called for any NRL matches this year, met Nine Sports Director Brent Williams last week, according to a Sydney Morning Herald He did not give a clear indication as to whether he would return to the commentary box.

Warren worries that he will not be able to maintain his normal values ​​if he returns to cool after such a long cut and can return to NRL action in advance to return to speed.

Matt Thompson has replaced Warren as Nine’s main Sydney-based caller and will take over the reins if the “RABS” decides to return.

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