After a Campbell-inspired fight, the Titans won the Golden Point

A golden point attempt by Isaco on the Gold Coast side ensured the Titans a thrilling win over St. George’s Elvara in the 20-16 NRL Magic Round, snaping a five-game losing streak.

In the second half of extra time at Suncorp Stadium, the Dragons’ fifth-eighth Talatou Ammon gifted a knock-on to the Titans in a field position, and after the ball had spread wide, Isako held the ball for a mere dive and made important claims. Won 89 minutes later.

It came after a heartbreaking first half at Golden Point where Isaaco and Jack Lomax missed field goal shots.

Both teams scored three of 16 to stay at the 16th level at all times.

The Titans got off to a brilliant start with a big hit from Captain Tino Fasumaleu on Jack de Bellin in the opening minute.

When Philip Sammy batted a Toby Sexton bomb and eventually worked with AJ Brimson, their initiative was rewarded, diving into the second attempt of the year.

The Gold Coast enjoyed a period of dominance as they forced the Dragons to drop five straight lines.

Despite being slammed for a professional foul on 250-game man Josh McGuire, the Dragons held on to the Titans and leveled the score when Matthew Fegai crossed the field with McGuire off the field in the 21st minute.

Gold Coast were able to snatch the lead in the 28th minute when Beau Fermer pushed Sexton Grabar to give the Titans a 10-4 halftime lead.

McGuire did not return in the second half as his milestone game ended early due to a groin injury but with the hunt steering process, the Dragons equalized again in the 54th minute when de Bellin crashed within several weeks of his second attempt.

Jaden returned to Campbell’s 60th minute break, where he stepped through several dragon tackles in the middle of the field, crowding their feet before taking it within 10 meters of the Brimson line but the Gold Coast could not back up their young fullback work. Knock-on after a while.

When Sammy was reported for a shoulder charge when Mikel Ravalova tried to force a forced over in the corner, Lomax went ahead kicking the penalty kick and putting it in front of the Dragons for the first time in 15 minutes of play.

Sully Barrell over in the 69th minute and the Dragons seemed to be heading for victory but Wallace’s tumultuous effort equalized the score again moments later and set a grandstand finish.

Neither team found a field goal to win the game in the remaining five minutes before extra time, and Isaco’s dramatic win.


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