AFL Top 100: Round 11 Wrap

For the third week in a row, we bid farewell to the valuable contributors to the AFL football game.

Earlier it was Leon Cameron and Anthony MacDonald-Tipunguti. Now Western Bulldogs and Collingwood player Jordan Rughead has decided to end his career at Magpies.

Being 32 years old in November, but limited to a senior game in the first half of the 2022 season, Rughead has set his retirement time to enable Collingwood to participate in the second draft of the mid-season draft.

Originally recruited from Lake Vendori through the North Ballarat Rebel Under-18 team, Rughead was selected as the Bulldogs’ second pick in the 2008 AFL Draft and made his Round 5, 2010 debut against Adelaide at the Duckland Stadium.

That year, he won the Bulldogs’ Best First-Year Player (Chris Grant Award) and after being transferred to defense by then-Bulldogs coach Brendan McCartney in 2012, he returned completely and won the Tony Liberto Award for Best Player in 2016.

Roghead gifted the Bulldogs a number of great games in his 138 games at the club, including the 2016 Premiership where he was sidelined from playing until the Grand Final due to an eye injury.

In a draft last-minute deal at the end of the 2018 season, he was shuffled for the No. 75 draft pick and Rughead found himself in Collingwood in 2019 and he continued to serve well for 63 more games in black and white.

Jordan Rughead of Magpies.

(Dylan Burns / AFL photo via Getty Images)

Rughead wore the number 23 jumper for each of his 201 games, leaving the same number in Collingwood. It has not been used in any senior game since the departure of Lachlan Kiev in 2014.

The Bulldogs have the most by any player of this number in their 138 game clubs.

This puts him 73rd in the Western Bulldogs’ list of the top 100 game players, a game behind George McLaren (1944-51), Neil Cordy (1979-86) and Matthew Robbins (1998-2007).

And it is one game ahead of former coach Don Mackenzie, who played from 1962 to 1970, Geoff Jennings (1974-83), Nathan Brown (1997-2003) and Simon Garlick (1998-2004).

In his career, in ten games against Carlton, he played only one losing team and scored 21 of his 35 goals (60 percent) in 90 games (45 percent) at Duckland Stadium.

Good job, Jordan Rughead. My only concern is that the Western Bulldogs will probably call the first ‘Rafi’ on the way!

With the end of a career, Sydney and Gillong both got off to a fresh start by introducing a new player for the first time.

Matt Roberts was drafted as Sydney’s second round pick (No. 34) in the 2021 draft.

Roberts – from the Wine District of Langhorn Creek in South Australia – was not 19 until July but has already built a great reputation in the SANFL as a midfielder who can play forward and know where the goals are.

In the 2020 draft, Shannon Niley of Geelong was drafted No. 33.

One year and six days older than Matt Roberts, he is 203 centimeters tall and a Rookman who goes ahead.

Originally from Jandakot via the South Fremantle of the WAFL, it has an impressive highlight reel.

Thus, there are two new players, including the former Brownlow medalist. The two potential finalists who were members of the original VFL in 1897 introduced them in mid-season.

How big can the challenge be?

Good luck to both the kids and to Charlie Dixon of Port Adelaide, who played his first AFL game in the 2022 season.

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