AFL Top 100: Round 11 Highlights

Pundits have ruled that Round 11 is almost a pre-determined conclusion, with six teams listed as prohibited adversaries to win, and all three of the remaining three matches are hot favorites.

The home ground advantage (including the legendary home record of Geelong and Brisbane) is undoubtedly a factor because the only two away teams are the Hapless Eagles against the Western Bulldogs and the High-Flying Blues against Collingwood (where there is no home ground facility).

According to the Punters, the SCG must have an HGA because, despite not losing the influential but still effective Josh Kennedy, Sydney is a hot favorite, and it is VFL / AFL football despite being the closest rival between the two rivals in 126 years.

So far in ten rounds, Richmond have outscored Sydney by an average of 4.2 points per round, but their defense has leaked 3.7 extra points per round and this difference of .7 points means their percentage is only 0.019 per cent different and both have won six matches.

Josh Kennedy is expected to take 8-10 weeks to heal his hamstring injury last Friday night against Carlton. He is now in the running to return to the end of the season and with limited time to prove himself, he may not be offered another 12-month contract for next year.

Unfortunately, that would mean that he was deprived of a place in the AFL’s Top 100 Game Player of All Time – an honor he deserved.

Patrick Dangerfield is also a few weeks away from getting a place in this elite team, which could now prevent Richmond’s Shane Edwards from gazing at Dangerfield and delaying Danger’s entry until August 2022. Weather.

Edwards is currently just two games behind Dangerfield and appears to be fit and in form and will now be the first of only two new entrants to the group as the other 3 (two Josh Kennedys and Todd Goldstein) will run out of time. And to ‘cut’ the game. This is especially true of the Eagles’ Josh Kennedy and Goldstein, none of whom will make it to the finals this year.

Collingwood, one of the main clubs, will add a new top 100 game player to their list this weekend when former Hampton Rovers and Sandringham Under-18 players Braden Maynard will take on Carlton on Sunday. Halfway back, Maynard’s outspoken and outspoken style has served him well in his 146 games to date, and Game 147 will see him share the ‘hot seat’ at number 100 with Charlie Laxton and Darren Milne.

Laxton (1912-1921 Collingwood Districts Rover) was a strong contributor who fed the ball well to Dick Lee with a pleasurable stabbing pass. Like Maynard, he has an occasional burning mood. He played in the Premiership in 1917 and 1919 and lost in the Grand Finals in 1915 and 1918.

Milon’s tragic death in a car accident in October 1991 at the age of 26 shocked the football world. He was at his peak as a footballer at the time and just a year ago he was at the forefront of Collingwood winning the 1990 flag.

North Melbourne champion Jack Jibel will play 250 games as the 12th Kangaroo and 267th AFL player, while North Melbourne will play St Kilder this weekend, with dual clubs Jack Melkosham (Ascendon / Melbourne) and Aaron Hall (Goldmore) Plays the 200th and 150th games.

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