Addo-Carr fluffs Original Line Dragons deliver important wins

The St. George Elwara Dragons have risen to the top of a recreational clash with the Canterbury Bulldogs, winning 34-24 in front of a healthy, biased crowd of 16,991 at the Belmore Sports Ground.

The day he reportedly lost his place on the New South Wales wing, Josh Ado-Car suffered a poor performance and was responsible for two attempts by the Dragons. The news spread in the morning was a big shock, but towards the end of the game, it became much more meaningful.

The St George’s Elvars didn’t always impress with the results this year, but the Bulldogs were a bit better: they usually finish high and, when the inevitable pressure comes, defend strongly.

The centers, in particular, were great: Jack Lomax scored one goal at a crucial moment and another when Moses Sully worked hard for 121m, 58 of them after contact.

The Dogs have unveiled a new attacking system with Kyle Flanagan at its heart: this is the first time he’s touched more than his halfback partner Matt Burton and he’s seen that they’ve probably been threatened with the ball at some point so far. In 2022.

Matt Duffy had an afternoon that was almost the entire career of Microczam: he had three attempted assists and two line breaks, but coughed up unforgivable errors from the fullback that invited so much unnecessary stress.

The Dogs have again scored their highest points of the season – they are in the top 22 of defeats to the Tigers last week – and have generally improved with the ball in hand, but some of their defensive efforts, especially on the goal line, were good at what they needed at this level.

The Dogs got off to a brilliant start, with Luke Thompson blowing the line and creating the conditions for Matt Burton to open the scoring with a penalty kick.

It was just as good for Burton with the boot as it was for the first half: the usually great five-eighths could not cope with the strong Belmore winds and sent three too long, ruining the promised field position and gifting the Dragons extra tackle.

St. George Ilawara took the field and began to dominate the occupation. After the series resumes a set, it said. Josh Addo-Carr created a weak defensive lesson at Jack Lomax, allowing the center to find a late callup Toutou Moga for his debut at his sixth NRL club.

Bulldogs have returned to type 7 Matt Duffy drops a bomb, returns to greet the Dragons, and Matt Fagai is able to easily cross the corner.

Burton sent the kick off completely and after a while, Ben Hunt swerved through another foot tackle from Corey Waddell. It was madly familiar to Bulldogs fans.

The Dragons, however, had their own problems behind them. Cody Ramsay, returning to fullback role last week, dropped a kick of his own and invited Field to the position from which Jack Averillo got the dogs on board.

The dogs came out to shoot in the second half. Burton snatched the ball from Moga to give the Dogs a good ball, causing Duffy to throw Averillo right again.

Duffy then made a break of his own, skinning the Dragons Edge defense and giving Kyle Flanagan a try that was celebrated with the Belmore Rafters.

Just as faith was created, it has faded. Dogs lost the ball in the second tackle after the point and saw a Lomax score in another weak defensive corner from Ado-Car.

There were opportunities at the other end. Burton breaks the line, finds Averillo, and chooses the worst possible moment for a no-look pass: no one is there and the opportunity is gone.

They will regret the miss. After another dafty error in the back, Andrew McCluff ran straight over the fullback on the line and didn’t need a second invitation to score below the post.

Ado-Car endured a terrible afternoon in defense, but when Burton saw a gap behind the line, the winger ran over a kick and immediately jumped to Aaron Scoop to hit back. The gap is back to four points to play only 12.

The Bulldogs, again, failed to take advantage of the attack because Ado-Car’s pass line missed the shop with begging, and again the money was paid: Blake Laurie crashed too close to try in his first NRL Game 91. It would be enough to see them at home.

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