Adam Wainwright made the perfect comment about Sunday night

St. Louis Cardinals starter Adam Wainwright # 50 delivers a pitch during the first inning against the San Francisco Giants on May 15, 2022 at Bush Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri.
(Photo by Scott Kane / Getty Images)

On Sunday night, Adam Wainwright and his battery partner, catcher Yadier Molina, broke the all-time record for most wins as a pitcher-catcher pair. Warren Span and Dale Crandall winner No. 203.

St. Louis Cardinal’s historic battery now stands alone in baseball history.

However, there was an interesting part about the historical achievement of these two batteries.

Albert Pujols, who served as the team’s nominated hitter, led St. Louis 15-2 to the top of the mound in the ninth inning.

Pujolas’ pitching debut did not go well, as the Giants scored four runs off two homers, but The Machine still managed to record the final three outs.

After the game, Wayne Wright went on Twitter to support Pujol after such a rough outing.

There it was, done

This is a ridiculous comment.

Wainwright actually allowed a home run in his Major League debut in 2005.

Molina and Pujol were both there.

But for the first time in all, there is a need for pujolas.

It happens.

But Wayne Wright is a great teammate who supports.

If Wainwright could have turned around and become today’s tackler, the sky would be the limit for the Pujols.

All the jokes aside, this will probably be the only time we’ll ever see Pujols take the mound, unless the Cardinals blow themselves up and save their bullpen.

It is always possible.

But regardless of the way it went, the three cardinal legends were able to be part of something special.

Wayne Wright and Molina picked up a historic victory and the Pujols were able to make it to the final touch.

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