Aaron Judge Josh Donaldson commented on the suspension

Aaron Judge # 99 of the New York Yankees celebrates after hitting a home run against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards in Oriole Park on May 17, 2022 in Baltimore, Maryland.
(Photo by Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

Despite having the best baseball record, the New York Yankees have some long-standing problems with the Chicago White Sox from their weekend series.

Not only did they lose two of the three, but third baseman Josh Donaldson was given a one-game suspension over his feud with White Sox star shortstop Tim Anderson.

A controversy erupted when Donaldson called Anderson “Jackie”, when Anderson compared himself to Jackie Robinson, which cleared the benches.

Donaldson’s colleague Aaron Judge was asked about Donaldson’s suspension, and the following tweet from Yankees MLB.com reporter Brian Hoch appeared to have raised the issue.

The judge summoned Donaldson

Here the judge is being ruthlessly honest.

It’s clear he thinks of Donaldson as a friend and a teammate, but he’s not afraid to call her wrong.

Donaldson could simply joke, as the judge indicated, but the judge was right that there was no right thing to say at that moment, especially because of the history between the two players.

Again, he will do anything to stick to his teammates and is doing the right thing by acknowledging the suspension and also saying that it is time to move on from the incident.

The judge further noted that Donaldson had spoken to his teammates about the incident and admitted his mistake, as well as citing Anderson’s remarks from 2019.

However, he is applying for a stay.

The good news is that Donaldson at least owns it and admits he’s gone too far.

But the judge, while on Donaldson’s back, made it very clear that he did not agree with Donaldson’s choice of words at that moment.

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