5 Free Agent Vikings can make crime dangerous

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Julio Jones. ওয় George Walker IV / Tennessean.com / USA TODAY NETWORK.

The Vikings had a good offense when the offseason started. They put the best option in the quarterback, the Kirk Cousins, has three strong wide receivers, a solid edge with potential and a star to come back to run. The offensive line has been the biggest weakness in recent years and it is not clear if the team has fixed it.

At least, they brought in multiple players to improve the unit. Chris Reed, Jesse Davis and Austin Schultman were free-agent signing. In addition, General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah selected Ed Ingram in the second round of the draft.

However, there is always room for improvement and some good free agents are still looking for new teams. In conclusion of the draft, it is always a good time to add players for less money than the value of the players, because the team and roster are set when the players desperately want to continue playing football.

Eric Ebron

December 27, 2020; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers Tight & Eric Ebron. Compulsory Credit: Charles Leclerc – USA Today Sports.

Ebron was the 10th overall pick in the 2014 draft, just one place after former Vikings general manager Rick Spielman elected Anthony Barr. He turned 29 in April. The Lions never saw the potential in him before Ebron picked him up. However, he has a tough tackle and has five seasons of 500 or more receiving yards to his credit, the most recent being in 2020. His best season was with the Indianapolis Colts in 2018, when he set a career high with 750 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns.

The tight edges of the Vikings are one of the weakest positioning groups on the roster. Irv Smith Jr. has the potential but is still unconfirmed due to the presence of Kyle Rudolph in 2021 and a knee injury. Behind him, the Vikings have only Johnny Mund and Ben Elefson, hard edge blocking without too much catching experience, seventh-round rookie Nick Muse and raw 2021 rookie Jack Davidson. If Arv Smith gets another injury, Ebron will have an insurance policy. The former Detroit Lions would also be a good addition to the passing game as another weapon for Kirk cousins ​​regardless of Irv Smith’s health.

Will Fuller

The teams know what they get when they sign Will Fuller. He is a dangerous deep threat who is expected to miss the game every season due to injury. The fact that he is still available in May is a good indicator that he will be a cheap alternative.

Fuller has never played more than 14 games in his rookie campaign in 2016 Overall, he has played 55 games in his six-year career Injuries, even suspensions, need to be considered when teams are considering signing a fast receiver.

However, when he is on the field, he makes each team better because the defenders have to account for it, which opens up space for other receivers. Jefferson and Thiellen will either be more open, or Fuller Kirk may dine with the cousins, an outstanding thrower of the deep ball. In 2020, Fuller had a PFF grade of 86.2, while he had 879 yards and eight touchdowns for the Texans. After missing almost the entire 2021 season, the former Miami Dolphin may be available for a cheap one-year proof-of-contract.

Jesse Trater

In the first offseason of Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, the Vikings kept a lot of resources on their offensive line. He signed three internal offensive linemen and drafted Ed Ingram. However, the biggest weakness is the position of the center, which he did not address. Garrett Bradbury is an average run blocker but a brutal pass defender.

Traitor is already, an outstanding pass blocker. He has been ranked within the top-three centers for pass protection in the PFF for four consecutive seasons. After six of his last seven seasons in the NFL, the PFF has placed him in the top-10 of the center. He could be part of the final puzzle for the offensive line and give Kirk cousins ​​enough time to find Jefferson and Thilen for the big drama.

There are reasons why the treaty has not been signed yet. He has knee problems and has just practiced in 2021, making his elite sport even more impressive. However, he has still started 16 games for the Browns in each of the last five seasons. He missed a game because of the Covid protocol.

Traitor is a high-risk, high-reward signer for the Vikings. If he stays healthy and continues to play at elite levels, the Vikings offense could be an elite and dangerous unit in Kevin O’Connell’s first season as head coach after signing at the Free-Agent Center.

Julius Jones

Julius Jones
August 28, 2021; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Julio Jones. Compulsory Credit: Christopher Hanniunkel – USA Today Sports

Julio Jones is the best receiver of this generation. Since being drafted in 2011, he has led the league with 13,330 yards, ranking him 17th in NFL history. Just above Justin Jefferson, he has one of the most acceptable yards per game in NFL history, who will probably pass him in 2022.

Jones turned 33 in February and is no longer the physically influential force he was before. In the last two seasons, the former Alabama standout has recorded just over 1000 yards in just 19 games. However, when he recovers, and the Vikings break bones with Justin Jefferson, Adam Thiellen and Julio Jones, the offense is almost impossible to defend, as Dalvin Cook is a threat even outside the backfield.

ESPN’s Bill Burnwell predicts a বছরের 5-6 million one-year deal. The Vikings will probably have to restructure the contracts of Dalvin Cook and Eric Kendricks to sign another free agent unless the players sign a really cheap and team-friendly contract.

Odell Beckham Jr.

A similar case of Odell Beckham Jr. Julio Jones. He was once one of the league’s elite receivers. Like Justin Jefferson, OBJ took the league by storm. It was on full display when he broke a player’s record for most yards in the first two seasons in the NFL, which was previously held by Randy Moss. Justin Jefferson’s record has been broken, but Beckham Jr. is still second on that list.

With Julio Jones, Jefferson, Thiellen, Dalvin Cook, and healthy OBJ, it would be impossible to defend crime. His role will be the third wide receiver, which carries some weight off Justin Jefferson’s shoulders, as JJ already draws top cornerbacks from each opponent. However, his health problems. In Super Bowl he suffered his second torn ACL. In the playoffs, he showed his potential, but in the last two seasons, he has recorded 856 receiving yards in 21 games. In 2018 and 2019, the former LSU Tiger was a 1000-yard receiver.

Various reports are expected to return in November. If so, he will miss the first half of the season. However, Ian Rapport said his second torn ACL was actually a good thing. The first surgery was not good, And so the knee was not at 100%. Surgery has improved since his second injury and the star receiver’s career has been extended.

Because he is injured and his return is a question mark, it does not cost him much money. What he brings to the table should be interesting for every franchise. He has an acquaintance with Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell, as they won the Super Bowl in Los Angeles last season. In addition, Justin Jefferson, the Vikings’ star receiver and friend of OBJ. These relationships could play a role in getting Odell Beckham Jr. to Minnesota.

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