3 young NFL QB to prove the most

Detailed display of the NFL logo on the pitch after the NFL match between the Carolina Panthers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on October 13, 2019 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England.
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Most NFL teams have set their quarterback status for 2022.

Some NFL teams have young quarterbacks who have something to prove.

Young quarterbacks like Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahoms have nothing to prove.

However, others still have something to prove with their NFL team.

Which three young NFL quarterbacks have the most evidence?

3. Mitchell Trubisky

The former starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears now finds himself in Pittsburgh with the Steelers.

However, his fate as an early quarterback could be in question.

Because Kenny Pickett drafted Pittsburgh during the NFL Draft.

This now puts pressure on Mitchell Trubiski to win the preseason job.

So that means he has to prove his starting point in Pittsburgh.

He also has to prove that he is good throughout the season, or at risk of being replaced by a picket.

If he wants to prove that coaching in Chicago prevented him from developing as a quarterback, now is the time for him to do so.

However, if he can’t prove himself, Pickett is waiting in the wings for his replacement.

2. Jalen Hearts

Jalen Harts is another young quarterback who has to prove it.

When the Philadelphia Eagles made it to the playoffs last season, some fans didn’t sell him.

Hartz needs to prove to fans that the Eagles should replace him in the 2023 NFL Draft.

He also has to prove that making the NFL playoffs last season was not a fluke with them.

However, he cannot do these things without staying healthy or improving the safety of the ball.

His nine interceptions on his 16 touchdowns are a ratio he would like to work on.

But her nine fumbles last year will be the biggest place to focus her attention.

If you are confused about football, you cannot help the team win the game.

However, in 2022 he will have less fumble if he wants to prove his enemies wrong.

1. Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovailoa is a young quarterback to prove the most in 2022.

After the dismissal of Brian Flores, news came out about how he never wanted a young quarterback in Miami.

Even some Miami dolphin fans don’t trust Tuya as their quarterback.

Now that the Dolphins have made a trade for Tyrick Hill and signed several other attacking players, there is pressure on Tuareg to perform.

Dolphin fans want an NFL playoff presence in 2022.

The team has spent a lot of money to get the players that it has now.

However, getting them to the NFL playoffs could rest all on the shoulders of their young quarterback.

If he can’t get the ball into Tyreek, or his many other offensive weapons, Miami could be devastated this season.

Failing to perform, fans will want those “Tom Brady to Miami” rumors to come true.

This makes him the number one young quarterback in 2022 with the most evidence.

Because if he can’t prove himself this season, Miami ownership could reconsider choosing their fifth year option.

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