3 Reasons Why Drew Bryce Will Never Return To The NFL

Former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Bryce speaks to fans during the half-time game between the Buffalo Bills and the New Orleans Saints at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana on November 25, 2021.
(Photo by Chris Grethen / Getty Images)

With New Orleans St. Jarvis getting laundry, fans are excited to return to football.

However, some fans want Drew Bris to return as a quarterback so he has a chance at another Super Bowl.

But that ship left long ago.

While some Saints fans may accept it, others will not advance to the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Bryce is not Tom Brady, although he teased on Twitter about how he could get back into football.

However, teasing by him gives fans false hope of his return.

But there are three reasons why Bryce will never again be suitable for the football field.

3. Bryce can’t take hits at his age

Bryce went to an NFL announcer on NBC from a quarterback on Sunday.

After being away from the game for a little over a year, his body is no longer accustomed to getting hurt.

The ease of announcing games can give his body a rest, but it also comes at a price.

The first blow will hit when he returns.

He probably won’t miss those hits now that he’s not playing football.

These hits have ended other quarterback seasons and careers.

If Bryce thinks about those things, he won’t return to the NFL despite teasing his fans.

2. Has commercial approval

As his time on NBC came to an end, people could believe he was returning to New Orleans.

However, he has other contracts to keep him busy.

One is his deal with the sports betting app

Even though some people don’t like his ads, it pays him.

Other fans may see him go the way of Patrick Mahoms, Aaron Rogers or Brady.

These quarterbacks still have commercial approval while playing

However, with the announcement of Bryce Sports betting and the suspension of NFL Calvin Ridley for sports betting, this could create a problem for the NFL.

The NFL believes that there could be problems with Bryce’s return when promoting sports betting.

This could prevent any idea of ​​a Super Bowl quarterback returning to football.

1. Bryce wants fans in New Orleans to remember his legacy

Future Hall of Fame quarterback leaves New Orleans, breaking the statistical record of quarterback.

However, Brady has surpassed those records in Tampa Bay.

Although he may return to retrieve those records, he is satisfied with the legacy he left behind in New Orleans.

Every time a Saints playoff contestant he is fit for the team.

He led them to a Super Bowl against Pitton Manning, which he won.

With everything he did in New Orleans, there is no need to tarnish his legacy with his return.

Returning can also put his health at risk.

He knows it’s a good idea to take a place in the playoffs instead of returning from injury.

Going out in a cart with the last injury of his career, he doesn’t think fans will remember him.

With that possibility there, he will not return and tarnish his time as a saint with that image.

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