3 Reasons Cowboys Will Be Disappointed In 2022

The Dallas Cowboys sit on the helmet field during a football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans on August 30, 2018 at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.
(Picture of Leslie Plaza Johnson / Icon Sportswear)

Every fan of the Dallas Cowboys was disappointed when their team was knocked out early in last season’s NFL playoffs.

However, they still believe they can make the playoffs and possibly the Super Bowl in 2022.

But the way those fans are testing their team.

While stars like Duck Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are still on the roster in Dallas, they are not the whole team.

What those fans can check out is Dallas’ 2022 schedule for the regular season.

However, there is a deeper story about Dallas and their prospects in 2022.

There are three reasons why fans of those cowboys will be disappointed in 2022.

3. Eagles and commanders look to challenge the cowboys

While these NFC East Division rivals may not be ready to take the crown from Dallas, their move to the offseason indicates their willingness to challenge.

The commanders got Carson Wentz from a trade they made with the Colts.

He could make things even harder for Dallas, regardless of a long-term answer in Washington.

Meanwhile, the Eagles have done business for AJ Brown, with quarterback Jalen Hartz aiming to reach another top-tier in 2022.

The Eagles improved their offensive line, and by stopping last season’s playoff appearances, they could fit Dallas.

Dallas swept the NFC East last season, but may not have that luxury this season.

Against the Cowboys, both the Commander and the Eagle could easily win one by one.

It will disappoint fans after seeing their team dominate the NFC East last season.

2. Elliott and Prescott showed signs of injury while playing in 2022

Injuries are not the best idea for a player who is an important part of the list.

Doing so can make injuries worse than before.

Both Prescott and Elliott showed signs of doing so.

When Prescott misses games for rest, Elliott plays with a torn PCL.

The move could spell disaster for Dallas in 2022 if he tries to play through another injury.

While his desire to win and perform is great, what he has done could pay off for Dallas in the long run if his injury becomes a season-ending.

If Elliott suffers a season-ending injury, it will disappoint Cowboy fans and ruin their playoff hopes.

1. Dallas does not deliver in defense playoffs

If the Cowboys win the NFC East again, they will have another chance to reach the Super Bowl.

However, their defense for the last four play-offs has yet to show.

When Prescott gave an all-star performance against the Green Bay Packers, the Cowboys defense disappointed him.

A play-off game against the Seattle Seahawks almost ended in disappointment.

The most recent, however, was the Cowboys defense, which allowed the San Francisco 49ers to run above them all.

Despite picking Jimmy Garopolo once, the Cowboys allowed two racing touchdowns and 169 racing yards.

They allowed the 49ers to convert six times in the third down in 13 attempts.

However, the worst part came from them not getting any sacks in that game.

With the Dallas Defense Playoff laying the goose eggs, they will be disappointed again if they return in 2022.

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