3 players who could prevent a Mets fall in 2022

Pete Alonso # 20 of the New York Mets reacts after hitting an RBI single during the seventh inning against Philadelphia Phillies at City Field on May 1, 2022 in Queens Borough, New York City.
(Photo by Sarah Steer / Getty Images)

The New York Mets have the strongest start to the MLB this season.

At 28-15, they have already opened a quick eight-game lead in the NL East.

However, a recent slash from pitcher Max Scherzer has raised concerns among Mets fans who are accustomed to it.

After Jacob Degram’s traumatic problems, and the team’s continued failure to meet expectations, it makes sense to see why this would cause concern.

Now the team will focus on picking players and shoulder the burden as the team struggles to get back into the season.

3. Pete Alonso

It goes without saying, but Pete Alonso is the heart and soul of this Mets team.

They have the potential to carry aggressively and he did so in May.

In 2022, Alonso is currently leading the RBI (36) league when he slogged 10 home runs and added an average of .286.

With them at the center of their lineup, Alonso will be under a lot of pressure to drive.

When he does, it must be difficult to defeat them.

Above all, Alonso’s sensitive style of play helps to stimulate the team, highlighting the play of others when he is playing well.

With this status as the leader of their crime, Alonso falls for more responsibilities.

If they want to hold on to their divisional lead, look for Alonso to make his strong start.

2. Chris Basit

The Mets trade for pitcher Chris Basit from Oakland Athletics could go down as one of the most underrated moves throughout the offseason.

Over the past five seasons, Basit has built himself into a legit arm at the top of a rotation.

Although he suffers from being in a small market in Oakland, he is now under bright light.

He is now the ace of the team due to the injury of Degrom and Sherzer.

So far, he has made a strong 4-2 start with a 2.77 ERA.

This is the level of performance that they have to continue in the absence of other starters.

If Bassitt can consistently deliver this production, it will set a tone for the Mets; They are no longer hurt and cursed, instead they can go through it.

1. Taijuan Walker

Basit has to play a big role as a staff ace, someone has to fill the depth.

It falls directly on Taijuan Walker.

While their other starters such as Tyler Miguel (now in the 15-day IL) and Carlos Carrasco will undoubtedly play a big role, Walker has proven to be a reliable alternative to the starting rotation.

After making the All-Star Game and then fighting to the end of last season, Walker is back in early 2022.

He posted a 3.52 ERA on five starts to give the rotation a boost.

Now, the absence of both Sherger and Miguel has made his role even more important.

Walker will have to give the Mets a strong enough start until the team’s rotation recovers.

If he can return to his all-star form, it will definitely help the Mets maintain their lead in the NL East.

Although it will take a team effort for the Mets to avoid a fall towards the end of the season, these are the three players who can carry the team the most as they navigate injury problems early in the season.

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