3 pitchers who were still disappointing in 2022

Aaron Cival # 43, the Cleveland Guardians' starting pitcher during the first innings against the Detroit Tigers at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio on May 20, 2022.
(Photo by Jason Miller / Getty Images)

When MLB teams start planning and mapping their season, they often have expectations attached to each member of the roster.

Seeing the poor performance or struggle of these players often affects the teams in the standings.

These three kalas have failed to create anything close to what their true talent level might suggest.

3. Jose Berrios, Toronto Blue Jays

When the Toronto Blue Jays traded for Jose Barrios last season, ahead of time, they expected to get a solid number of 2-3 types.

They got it: With Jess in 70.1 innings, pitching against tough opponents in the American League for the most part, Berrios had a 3.58 ERA.

That performance has earned him a huge extension.

However, in 2022, he fell short of expectations last year.

As of Thursday, the talented right-hander is earning less with a 4.75 ERA, which is characteristically more for him.

In three consecutive seasons from 2019 to 2021, he has struck out more than nine heaters in every nine innings.

This year that number stands at 7.75.

His fastball speed is still steady, averaging about 94 miles per hour, so it’s not like he’s lost some speed.

However, Bereos is missing the bat less than before: his swing strike rate (SwStr%) at 8.0, up from 9.9 last year and 10.2 for his career.

He’s good enough to rebound at any moment, but there’s no doubt he’s disappointed so far.

2. Patrick Corbyn, Washington Nationals

From 2017 to 2019, Patrick Corbyn was one of the game’s top Southpas.

But its numbers began to decline in 2020 (4.66 ERA), continued to decline in 2021 (5.82 ERA) and hit rock-bottom in 2022 with a terrific 6.30 ERA in 50 frames.

As you can see, his struggles are not entirely new, but he deserves to be disappointed by his inability to return to the high-average pitcher.

And he’s not 32 years old.

The only reason Corbin’s defeat is that the Nationals have been bad since they all won in 2019, but it certainly hasn’t helped.

His 17.9 strikeout percentage is the worst of his career, so it’s not like there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ve seen crazy things, but it’s hard to imagine a career change from Corbin at the moment.

1. Aaron Civale, Cleveland Guardian

Except for the ace possibility of some of his rotation mates, Aaron was expected to be a consistent, sustainable member of the civil staff; Anyone who can take the ball every five days can put Iraq below four and give the Guardians a chance to win every outing.

This did not happen in 2022.

Civil has the third-lowest ERA among starters with at least 30 innings at 7.84 in 2022.

This is a terrible number, considering, in 2021, he was the starter described in the first paragraph.

Last year, he finished with a 3.84 ERA in 124.1 innings: Although he lost time with injuries, he showed that he has the potential to be an average starter in the MLB.

At the moment, he looked deep in the triple, unfortunately, before getting hurt.

Sival is currently on a 15-day injured list with left glue pain, but should return within a week or two.

Although he has to perform to retain his place in the rotation.

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