3 NFL running back bounce backs set in 2022

Detailed image of the NFL logo in a goal post before the 2015 NFC Championship match between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers at Centurilink Field in Seattle, Washington on January 18, 2015.
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Running back position is one of the most important positions for the NFL team behind the quarterback.

These players can either lead the team to victory or take heat from their quarterback.

There are different running backs in the NFL from elusive to power back.

However, some of the best running backs in the NFL have not been as bright in 2021.

But 2022 is the season when they can regain their glory.

There are three running back sets for a bounce-back in 2022.

3. Josh Jacobs

The Las Vegas Raiders stole with Josh Jacobs in the NFL Draft.

He has shown in his rookie season how he can dominate the field.

In 13 games in the 2019 season, the Jacobs had 1,150 yards and 242 carryes for seven touchdowns.

Since then, however, his racing yard has dwindled.

But now with Davants Adams in Las Vegas, Jacobs could be on fire again as the defense will focus on Adams.

While NFL fans may believe that Las Vegas will become a pass-first team with their new receiver, they would be wrong to do so.

Jacobs has shown that he can shoulder the burden of carrying rocks for Las Vegas.

Using him with a play-action pass can benefit everyone in the riders’ offense.

If the defense focuses too much on the car to the Adams connection, he can easily rack the yard.

2. Christian McCaffrey

The Carolina Panthers are back in a great run at Christian McCaffrey.

However, he suffered a running back injury which kept him off the field during the back-to-back season.

But McCaffrey is initially ready to return to Carolina and help his team.

Her underwater training was unique and could help her recover.

Anyone who has trained underwater knows the intensity of walking against the surrounding water.

It helps to create strength that will not train regularly.

This is due to the water resistance against the motion of the person training underwater.

By training McCaffrey in the most difficult situations, he has shown that he is hungry to return to his old self.

He needs to be in top-level form to help his Carolina team face a tough season.

However, he is ready for that top-level call in 2022.

1. Derrick Henry

One of the best running backs in the NFL today is Derrick Henry.

However, his 2021 season was shortened after a foot injury.

But 2022 is where Henry will return to dominate the football field.

His 2020 season saw him dominate with 2,027 racing yards and 17 touchdowns in 16 games.

Although he played only eight games in 2021, he still had 937 racing yards and 10 touchdowns.

It shows that despite missing nine games, he is still an influential force in the field.

With Henry back at 100%, expect him to be back in those 2,000+ racing yards for the season.

He will still be the most important part of the Titans offense for 2022, as the Titans lost top receivers, Julio Jones and AJ Brown.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill With the new receiver in 2022, you can expect a healthy dose of Henry in every game.

This is a good indication of Henry and his return to the NFL as the best races.

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