3 NBA teams who will probably not compete next season

The basketballs are tied under the NBA Playoff logo at the 2020 NBA Playoff logo, before the start of a game between the Toronto Raptors and the Brooklyn Nets in the first round of the Eastern Conference during the 2020 NBA playoffs at the AdventShealth Arena at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex on 17 August.
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

Now that the 2021-2022 NBA regular season is over, we can all look back – and look forward.

There were quite a few teams that came up short this year.

Some of it was wonderful (looking at you, Lakers) and some was sadly anticipated (Kings, again).

In reality, a few teams didn’t even get a chance to post-season.

Sadly, next year will be the same.

Which NBA teams don’t have much chance of strong competition next season?

Who will probably be in the same position when the 2023 playoff starts?

Detroit Pistons

There is no doubt that the Detroit Pistons have improved their win total for the 2021-2022 season, plagued by a number of injuries.

There is also no doubt that one of their best rookies of the year was Ced Cunningham.

Cunningham really came into his own when the season went on and was a Rookie of the Year finalist.

However, in the near future the team will have a lot to choose from, such as what to do with Jeremy Grant and a few other players on the roster.

They have a big pick in the upcoming lottery, which means more new, young talent is coming their way.

All of this means that some significant changes are probably coming for the pistons.

That’s a good thing, but it takes time to implement and create such changes – which means that next season could be just as frustrating as this one at the end.

However, the future Is Becoming brighter for pistons.

Orlando Magic

Make no mistake: Orlando Magic has some talented, impressive young stars on their team.

Led by Franz Wagner, Jalen Sags, Cole Anthony, Jonathan Isaac, Wendell Carter Jr., and RJ Hampton are all doing incredible work.

You think they will be one of the best up-and-coming teams in the league.

However, they are still far from being a force to be reckoned with.

A team does not go from last place to overnight play-off competition.

Even with all the promising names on the roster, it will still take some time for us to see Magic perform something close to their names.

There will be more flashes of greatness next season but that won’t be enough.

New York Knicks

Next year could be a great season for the New York Knicks … or a nightmare season for them.

Things did not go as planned for the team, finishing 11th in the league after the previous season when they were in 4th place.

There is a big possibility of waiting for some huge changes in the Nix this offseason.

Even rumors that Julius Randall is in the chopping block could be a fire sale for the team.

If so, it may take time to find the rhythm and chemistry for the new team.

And if he stays, the team may continue to struggle to find itself.

Is there any chance that an incarnation of the Knicks will be able to overcome the heat or the box or the Celtics next year?

This is unlikely, so next year will probably be very bad.

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