3 head-scratching trades from the NFL offseason

Detailed image of the NFL logo in a goal post before the 2015 NFC Championship match between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers at Centurilink Field in Seattle, Washington on January 18, 2015.
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2022 NFL offseason full of drama and business.

Some businesses make sense for both parties.

However, these head-scratching businesses have given fans something to talk about.

But despite the rumors about the transaction, the main problem is the bone of contention of the team management.

So which three trades were the real head-scratchers in the NFL offseason?

3. Titans Trading AJ Brown to the Eagles for Draft Sorting

After trading Brown, Tennessee thought they had made a good move.

Brown wanted more money and negotiations for a deal were going nowhere.

However, trading for a receiver that works for quarterback Ryan Tanhill is odd for a rookie receiver.

They have taken one of their quarterbacks with chemistry and replaced him with Traillon Barks.

Business is already looking bad for the Barclays Titans as they are limited to OTA.

What does it mean for the 2022 season if he is dealing with an injury?

They would be best suited to work out a deal with Brown, the chemistry going towards crime.

However, they have found a cheap receiver for themselves who could miss games by 2022.

2. Commander Trading for Carson Wentz

It is clear that the commanders were not happy with their quarterback situation.

However, trading for Carson Wentz seems like a desperate cry for help rather than trying to find the right player.

With players like Jimmy Garopolo and Desan Watson still available to Washington before this trade, there was no point in going in his favor.

But perhaps the commanders believe that Wentz could do something about their crime in 2022.

If Wentz does well it will work for the Indianapolis Colts, as they pick a higher draft if he plays at least 70% offensive line.

They got the best end of the trade, when Washington might have dropped out.

The only way to get the best results for Washington is if Wentz can spend the best season of his career with the commanders.

1. Ravens Trading Hollywood Brown to Cardinals for Draft Peak

On draft night, the Baltimore Ravens made a heinous deal with the Arizona Cardinals.

They will put their best receiver on the roster in exchange for a first round pick.

The pick was used to draft Kyle Hamilton’s security.

While the fans were stunned, the Ravens, who started the quarterback, were not at all happy with the move.

In multiple tweets that night, Lamar Jackson stated that he was not happy.

Meanwhile, snatching one of his offensive weapons after losing to Sammy Watkins does not help the Ravens offense.

On top of Brown Trading, they did not replace him with the pick he got for it.

They chose the draft of a defensive player, the exact opposite of what the Titans did when they traded their receivers.

Everything about this move seemed strange to the Ravens.

However, it was perfectly understandable for the Cardinals to take this step.

This puts Brown with his former college classmate Kyler Murray.

So while a team got off to a good end, Jackson and Ravens fans are still wondering why they removed Brown.

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