3 easy solutions for 76ers this offseason

Doc Rivers, head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, reacted in the second half against the Miami hits of Game Six in the 2022 NBA Playoff Eastern Conference semifinals on May 12, 2022 at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Note to the user: The user expressly acknowledges and agrees that by downloading and / or using this photograph, the user agrees to the terms of the Getty Images License Agreement.
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Coming out of the playoffs in the fourth second round in five seasons brings another offseason of uncertainty for the Philadelphia 76ers.

They were sent off by the Miami Hits in six games, seemingly rolling into the final two contests.

After winning Games 3 and 4 at home and even in Series 2-2, the 76ers lost 35 of 5 games.

With their backs to the wall, Philadelphia was lifeless at home in Game 6.

They lost 9 games in a game that was not close enough to represent the final score.

Perhaps the 76ers are not as far from title disputes as they seemed in those final two games.

In the final game of the first round against the Toronto Raptors, superstar Joel Mbid was ruled out of the first two matches against Miami due to a fractured orbital bone and a minor injury.

And by the time he got back, he was clearly nowhere near 100% when his shooting was connected to the torn ligament in his hand that he was already working on.

James Harden also appears to be struggling with the long-term effects of his nagging hamstring injury.

The star shooting guard didn’t have the explosion that made him the greatest scorer of all time in Houston.

But the Sixers still have a better chance of staying a few steps away from being a true competitor.

Most of their bench players were unfit to play and the whole team lacked play intensity and fire.

Daryl Moore has cut his work for her this offseason.

3. Use their 2022 or 2023 first round pick for immediate help

The “or” is included because the Brooklyn Nets have the right to postpone the pick until next season.

This pick was included in the Midseason Harden blockbuster.

Brooklyn has until June 1 to make that decisionSt. They want to pick in 2022 or postpone to 2023.

All the signs point to Brooklyn picking up for next year because it is more valuable to them as a trade chip.

This year’s selection may limit the number of potential trades they can perform with the draft selection as it must be before June 23.rd Draft.

If the pick is postponed to next year, the 76ers will have 23rd Overall pick in the draft.

At the moment, the Sixers have no choice in the upcoming draft.

23rd The overall pick will be their only chance to add some young talent.

Philadelphia may trade selections, but this should happen after the draft is over so that the steppe rules are not violated (tl; dr – parties cannot perform trades that are left without successive first round selections in future drafts).

Since the 76ers have already traded their 2025 and 2027 first, postponing Brooklyn to 2023 means Philly will not be able to trade their 2024, 2026, or 2028 first round pick.

Depth, especially in the wings, was a huge problem for Philly in the post season.

The wings currently on the roster were either one-dimensional, not athletic enough, or a combination of the two.

Moore and the Sixers will have to compete during the playoffs for a better two-way, athletic wing.

Suspending Brooklyn would be better off drafting one or retaining the Brooklyn 2022 pick would be better for one to continue trading their 2023 pick.

2. 76ers need to add hardness

One term used by almost all Sixers staff at the end of the season was “difficulty”.

That was not enough for the Sixers.

Whether it’s mental or physical, Philadelphia doesn’t just match Miami’s physical level.

They have been knocked out in almost every match.

It is mandatory that it is not next year.

Real competitors need tough, agile players who are willing to fight for 48 minutes.

Take a look at some of the past champions – Milwaukee Box and Bobby Portis, Los Angeles Lakers and Rajan Rondo, Toronto Raptors and Kyle Lowry.

Guys like this may not always fill out the stat sheet but make winning plays when important.

JaMychal Green, PJ Tucker, Jeff Green, and Bobby Portis are all potential free agents this offseason.

If any of them reject their player options and hit the open market, Moore should come in line with their agent.

These players provide valuable two-way effect and make the heart beat faster at night.

1. Trade Tobias Harris for depth

It may not be easy, but for the 76ers, nothing will be really easy this offseason due to their lack of cap space and draft capital.

Assuming James Harden is brought back to some power and Tires Maxi continues his ascent, Tobias Harris will play a role that does not fit his skill set.

To his credit, Harris played his role quite well in the playoffs.

He has drilled 38.6% of his triplets while playing some of the best defenses of his career.

But with two years left on his contract and $ 77 million remaining, Harris is tying up valuable cap space.

And its trade value should not be as low as last year.

In a barren free-agent market, Harris might be worth more than that otherwise.

Without attaching some sweeteners, he cannot be the center of the star trade.

Instead, Moore should look to turn Harris into two or even three roles in the small deal.

This could strengthen the Sixers bench or provide a more manageable deal for their business.

Teams like the Atlanta Hawks or the Dallas Mavericks may be interested in a player like Harris.

He can help reduce the offensive load imposed on their star guards (Trey Young, Luka Donsic).

As long as Embid stays around, the 76ers will be a play-off team.

Morek needs to focus on improving the depth of the wings and add stiffness to the roster around their MVP-caliber big man.

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