3 bright spots for cubs in 2022

Seiya Suzuki of the Chicago Cubs looks forward to the dugout during the fifth inning of the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois on April 21, 2022.
(Photo by Nukio Dinuzo / Getty Images)

The 2022 MLB season is not going well for the Chicago Cubs.

When fans want to see the Cubs playoffs, the team instead gives them a disappointing season for 2022.

However, they have made a strong start to the season.

But it’s not about the first week of the game, it’s about how you play throughout the season.

That’s where the cubs failed for the fans and for themselves.

As a team, they did not show good continuity.

However, breed fans may find some bright spots in an otherwise frustrating season.

The kids still have three bright spots this 2022 baseball season.

3. At least they are not the worst team in baseball

No one wants to end up in the league.

Fortunately, the cubs are not at the bottom.

However, they find themselves downstairs flirting.

The Cincinnati Reds currently have the worst baseball record, but that could soon change.

Because it may change that they are now winning the game and will soon face offspring.

Cincinnati will change quickly without ending if they sweep the cubs.

But for now, they can enjoy this small victory.

2. Seya Suzuki has a star of cubs

The kids quickly signed a five-year deal with Seya Suzuki.

As a former professional baseball player in Japan, Suzuki brings experience.

With his first year playing in the MLB, he is considered the favorite for the best rookie of the year.

He started warming up in 2022 by stringing a nine-game hitting streak together.

However, he then fell victim to the batting recession.

But he seems to have overcome his recession.

His batting average is around .250.

He also made zero fielding errors, which meant he was tough in the right case.

These things are wonderful surprises for a breed that needs something positive to look forward to.

He will continue to be a talented outfielder for Chicago as he continues his journey at MLB.

1. Scott Effross and Rowan Wick have been solid bullpen pitchers

The start of pitching has disappointed the cub fans.

Although Kyle Hendrix leads the team with 32 in the strikeout, his 4.03 ERA which makes him the first among the Cubs is disappointing.

However, the two players of Cubs Bullpen have fascinated the fans.

The two pitchers are Scott Effers and Rowan Wick.

Effross has a 1.15 ERA for 2022 and has pitched 18 strikeouts in 15.2 innings.

Weeks second best reliever in Cubs Bullpen with four saves, 1.23 ERA and 18 strikeouts pitched in 14.2 innings.

This 2022 season they are the biggest bright spot for cub fans.

However, those fans never see enough of those players because of the weak offensive and starting pitching game in the games.

If players like Hendrix can reduce their ERA in games, then maybe the fan fans will get to see more of these great bullpen weapons.

But until that happens, fans will see these two players have a minimal presence in 2022.

However, they are still the best in Chicago and give the Cubs fans hope when the team wins the game.

This makes them the brightest place for Chicago in 2022.

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