3 Bears star who could lead the team to the NFC North crown

A Chicago Bears helmet and football can be seen during the NFL match between the San Francisco 49ers and the Chicago Bears on December 23, 2018 at Lewis Stadium in Santa Clara, California.
(Photo Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

The new leadership of the Chicago Bears is trying to recover the team in 2022 and beyond.

While some steps may puzzle fans, others have come as a welcome joy to fans.

However, the thing that Bears fans want most is another NFC North crown.

Aaron Rogers and Green Bay Packers won this crown and they are sick and tired.

It’s time for the Bears to change their fortunes and rise to the top again in the NFC North.

But it will require a lot more from the players on the Bears 2022 roster.

However, the three stars on the 2022 roster are different and could help the team win the NFC North title again.

3. Justin Fields

Justin Fields enters his second season in Chicago with a new coach.

Although his rookie season has not been great, Chicago is looking for him to improve this season.

As the starter of 2022, he can go ahead and shine as a player.

The Bears spent money to help him on the offensive line this offseason.

That offensive line was the worst in the NFL last season, allowing 58 sacks.

This extra protection will give him enough time to throw better.

This could allow him to improve his offensive production in a team whose scoring offense was 27th last season.

If he shows improvement in the place of his new offensive line, he can surprise the fans by winning the NFC title.

2. David Montgomery

David Montgomery is one of the players in the Chicago race who needs to feature more in the game.

Although he is not Derrick Henry, he still runs behind Fields with a solid option and passion.

Its production was low last season but could improve in 2022 with more carry.

He’s a tough option for dumps and go-passes.

Its 2,808 racing yards, 924 receiving yards and a total of 24 touchdowns in three years show its multi-threat capabilities.

If he can get back to his 1,000+ racing yards in one season, he will help ease the pressure off the field.

By pushing him, it could open the door for Chicago to win the game in 2022.

That ongoing game could open up a play-action pass game, which would put a defense on their heels.

All Chicago has to do is hand Montgomery the ball.

The rest he can do easily.

1. Darnell Mooney

With the departure of Allen Robinson, Darnell Mooney is now the number one wide receiver.

But even with Robinson last season, he still finds success.

Last season, Mooney posted 1,000+ receiving yards, the first for him.

However, this season he could be seen having more yards than Robinson.

He will also be instrumental in helping his young quarterback succeed in Chicago.

The two have worked well together last season, which they could make in 2022.

If he can improve on his 2021 season number, he will be the clear number one in Chicago.

With that title comes great responsibility.

But he is ready to take on that responsibility and become a leader in Chicago.

As he takes his game to the next level, he could become a key part of the NFC North Crown-winning Bears.

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